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Open Beta Service Welcome to ContentsDeal
Experience the ContentsDeal Platform service and share with your friends
for exclusive benefits and rewards!
기간 : Jan 29,2019 ~ Official Launch
What is ContenstDeal?
ContentsDeal is a blockchain platform where content creators and users can distribute and trade unique, exclusive contents
ContentsDeal quickly provides limited edition contents with exclusive access.
ContentsDeal simplifies the complicated distribution structure, ensuring profitability to copyright holders (content creators & artists) and distributors while using blockchain encryption to secure payment, membership, and transaction information.
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    Pictorial Collection
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Test Transaction Contest
ContentsDeal Open Beta Commemoratory Event! Participate in test transactions.
Users will receive ETH based on their test transaction results once ContentsDeal goes live.
How to Participate:
  • 01
    by entering your e-mail address and Recommender Code.
    Get 100,000 KST just by signing up!
    Get 5,000 DEAL just by entering your Recommender!
  • 02
    Purchase new conten
    from the STORE
    Purchased before sold out!
  • 03
    Purchase and resell items
    in the Contents Exchange
    Get 100,000 KST
    upon completing your first transaction!
  • 04
    Check how much KST
    DEAL rewards you’ve earned
    A portion of the store sales amount and transaction fees will be sent to DEAL owning members!
  • Note that all KST and DEAL received during the Open Beta are available temporarily and will be deleted at the end of the Beta Test.
  • All information will be lost after the open beta service.
  • Highest Profit
    • 1st
      7 ETH
    • 2nd
      5 ETH
    • 3rd
      3 ETH
  • Highest Number of Finalized Transactions
    • 1st
      5 ETH
    • 2nd
      3 ETH
    • 3rd
      2 ETH
  • Highest Transaction Total
    • 1st
      3 ETH
    • 2nd
      1.5 ETH
    • 3rd ~ 15th
      Xiaomi Speaker
  • 40 random members who have finalized 5 or more transactions will be rewarded
    • Xiaomi Speaker
  • - In the event that a member wins in multiple categories, only the highest value prize (in KRW) will be rewarded to that member, and the remaining rewards will be offered to those in the immediately proceeding rankings.
  • - If two or more members’ trade records are identical, the member who signed up earlier will be selected for the higher value prize.
  • - Recipients must complete 2nd Authentication once the service goes live to earn their reward. Failure to complete 2nd Authentication will result in forfeiture of your prize.
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ContentsDeal Recommender Event
Recommend ContentsDeal to your friends and earn 5,000 DEAL for every friend
who enters your Recommender Code on signup. (Recommendee will also earn 5,000 DEAL)
  • 첫번째
    Send a Recommender Code to your friends!
    Login and check your Recommender Code on My Page!
  • 첫번째
    One of your friends signs up using the Recommender Code
    Win 100k KST on signup and an additional 5,000 DEAL as a Recommender reward!
추천 가입자 1인당 5,000DEAL 무제한
  • - DEAL will only be rewarded to members who complete 1st Authentication.
  • - Recommender Reward DEAL will be sent within 3 business days after completing 1st Authentication.
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Spread the Word About ContentsDeal
  • 첫번째
    Let the ContentsDeal Team know about any feedback you may have or any bugs encountered
    while using our service and be sure to share
  • 두번째
    Once you’ve finished drafting your submission, Click the Apply button at the bottom to participate in the event using your post’s URL.
  • 세번째
    Selected winners will receive an AirPod.
#ContentsDeal , #KPOP , #StarKST hashtags must be included in blog and SNS posts
Posting creative ideas and useful information
will increase your chances of winning!
Apply to Google Drive
Apply to Wechat
선물 Winner responsible for any local fees or taxes that may apply.
Contents for Beta Service only
Exclusive B.A.P video only on the ContentsDeal Open Beta Service
  • Agency
    TS Entertainment
  • Debut
    Single Album “Warrior” (2012)
  • Award
    AAA Best Entertainer (2016)
    5th Gaon Music Chart - Hot Trend Award (2016)
  • B.A.P Secret episode #1
    5,000 available
    Price600 KST
    The Birth of B.A.P - 6 Young Men
    Unlike any other new stars in the industry, B.A.P came onto the scene with an air of confidence.
    Even when on deck, B.A.P’s love for their fans is palpable...
    *No no no~ no mercy” While filming the music video for their iconic song
    an unexpected event occurs...
    *B.A.P embarks on the Asia Tour, 5 months after their debut!
    Meet them in Malaysia, the first country they visited, and see their playful daily life firsthand.
  • B.A.P Secret episode #2
    5,000 available
    Price600 KST
    Hello, Malaysia (1st Showcase)
    After a day at the zoo, B.A.P gets into gear for their first international showcase.
    After the release of their first album, “Warrior,” B.A.P’s fandom grows bigger and bigger.

    *Malaysia is the first country where B.A.P got to meet their fans overseas!
    See how they perform and greet their fans.
  • B.A.P Secret episode #3
    10,000 available
    Price600 KST
    Taiwan Takeover (Showcase in Taiwan)
    *After a successful showcase in Malaysia, B.A.P heads to Taiwan. Wherever B.A.P goes, fans are there in full force.

    *B.A.P powers through rehearsal to present an incredible, unforgettable performance, the start of B.A.P’s true showcase.
  • B.A.P Secret episode #4
    10,000 available
    Price600 KST
    6 Young Men Take Flight (Forever B.A.P)
    *After a successful Asian Tour, B.A.P travels to North America! See what goes on behind the scenes.
    *Oct 27, 2012 is the day B.A.P and their fans will never forget.
    The “1st Baby Day,” when B.A.P’s first fan club was established.
    See the events of that day and the emotions behind B.A.P’s first birthday.