ZTM Academy Review – is Zero to Mastery worth buying?

I have reviewed a couple of coding resources out there, and one of them that stands out is the ZTM, also known as Zero to Mastery.

It is an online academy that aims to equip beginners and veterans on how to code and ace coding interviews.

Currently, ZTM has 51 programming and interview courses in its domain. They are constantly adding new resources and improving the experience for students.

In this article, I reviewed the ZTM academy, shining light on the good and the wrong sides of the academy. I hope this helps you make the right choice.

Overview of ZTM (Zero to Mastery Academy)

Zero to Mastery is an academy that offers programming courses for various programming languages.

Andrei Neagoie leads the Academy. Yihua Zhang, Daniel Schifano, and Daniel Bourke help him educate and organize.

The platform serves software developers of all levels. Beginners and experienced can join.

ZTM training can even replace a computer science degree. Plus, you get a certificate of completion if you complete any of the courses.

You can also join the platform to learn coding and developer skills, participate in projects, and create your freelancing portfolio.

Courses, workshops, and a learning community are available.

Who is Andrei Neagoie?

Before coding and founding ZTM Academy, Andrei Neagoie was an educational psychologist.

He has taught over 900,000 Udemy students software development.

Andrei’s teaching is lauded. Over 100,000 Udemy evaluations rate him 4.7/5 stars.

Andrei learned to code by using any free resource he could. He got into Fortune 500 corporations and tech startups using his knowledge. He became a Silicon Valley and Toronto senior software developer.

Andrei explains clearly. His lectures simplify complex subjects, which I like.

When you listen to Andrei’s lectures, you’ll see that his years of self-teaching and expertise in educational psychology have taught him how to simplify things for beginners.

How does Zero to Mastery Academy Help You?

Tech is a large, complex world with many pathways that lead to different places.

Newbies often get stuck deciding where to start and what to do. That is, the tech industry provides so many options.

Zero to Mastery Academy helps beginners and intermediate engineers by providing dozens of coding and software development courses. Its career routes help you focus and hit your goals faster.

Take their tech career path survey, answer the questions, and get a personalised road map of courses, workshops, and other resources to help you get started in IT.

One of the most popular courses in ZTM academy is the Complete Web Developer course, launched in 2018.

From 2018 to 2023, that course was upgraded annually. Same for other platform courses.

That means all courses are updated annually, which is beneficial because even the richest course will eventually become outdated.

Pros of Zero to Mastery Academy

Let’s get into the pros of the Zero to Mastery Academy. 

Ample Courses and Lessons

You may find a wide variety of courses on ZTM. It’s probably reasonable to assume that they’ve covered almost every conceivable technical ability here.

Coding? Blockchain? Programming? The academy is home to all of these subfields and more. Some classes focus specifically on helping students develop essential life abilities. The one on education stands out to me as the most helpful. That’s true; you can take a class that teaches you how to learn.


With a ZTM membership, you can join a discord group of like-minded people. It’s like a vast social network of people who are also interested in learning and would be happy to help you out if you get stuck or want to make new friends who share your passions.

ZTM has a private channel for new members to match themselves with a buddy who will serve as an accountability partner.

This is a good way to make the community a more exciting platform to belong.

Way Cheaper Than College

ZTM’s pricier membership option still comes in at around a grand. Spending tens of thousands on a four-year college education to get the same technical expertise is a stark contrast.

Access To Every Course

One of the best things I love about ZTM is that the subscription or one-time fee gives you access to all the courses on the platform.

Even though you might be paying for the Complete Web Developer course, you can still access the rest. Money well spent!

Top courses on ZTM (Zero to Mastery Academy)

Without further ado, let’s move on to filtering out the best classes that ZTM academy offers. The website offers more than 51 different classes, but the ones that I shall highlight here are very noteworthy.

The Complete Web Developer in 2023

This is the very first course uploaded on ZTM academy. This is an A to Z course on web development.

HTML, CSS, React, node.js, machine learning and more to follow are covered in the course. 

You get up to 40 hours of lessons, 200 extra resources, and ten projects that will help you learn to code from scratch and grow from there.

More importantly, ZTM offers you a career roadmap which makes the path to becoming a web developer better and faster.

Complete React Developer (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

This course aims to teach you how to build large-scale projects with React as a professional software engineer would.

The instructor of the class is Andrei, and the course material includes more than 140 extra resources, 42.5 hours of video, and two projects. Yihua Shang is available for purchase.

During one of the projects, you will construct a sizable e-commerce application by utilising Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, ContextAPI, Firebase, and Stripe.

Complete Python Developer: Zero To Mastery

With the help of The Complete Python Developer, you can get better at Python.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. This is because, compared to other programming languages, its syntax is easy to understand.

One of the things you will talk about in this class is machine learning, but it will be at a very basic level. Because machine learning is so hard, the best way to learn about it is through an online platform like Coursera.

Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms.

This is one of the classes offered by ZTM Academy that I’m most excited to take. It teaches you not only how to do things technically but also how to make a good impression on a possible employer. This is a handy skill.

At a coding interview, you need to stand out from the other candidates, and just knowing how to do technical things won’t be enough.

During the course, you’ll learn about different data structures and algorithms. This will give you the skills to solve any problem an interviewer throws at you, whether on a whiteboard or in an interactive programming environment. 

Andrei was the primary instructor for this course as well.

JavaScript: 20 Web Projects To Build Your Portfolio 

In this course, you will learn more about JavaScript and how to use it to make online apps. The course is being hosted by Jacinto Wong, who works for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

You will be in charge of making applications that can do a wide range of different things. This list has many different apps, such as a music player, a video player, a developer-connecting app, a joke app, and many more. Still, not everything on this list is on that list.

As you keep working on these projects, you will learn more about things like UI/UX best practices, asynchronous programming, web APIs, DOM, and other technologies.

Are Students Getting Results?


Zero to Mastery has one of the best student reviews and testimonials compared to other eLearning platforms.

One of the common compliments is the teaching style of Andrei.

Many of the students loved the simple ways the coding lessons were taught.

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it; there are a lot more real person testimonials on their page.

Zero to Mastery Academy cost and pricing

There are three different subscription levels available for Zero to Mastery Academy, and each one is more affordable than the fees charged by traditional boot camps.

You can purchase a subscription on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis, depending on your financial situation.

The monthly plan costs $39, while the annual plan costs $279 when paid for all 12 months at once. You will only need to pay the one-time fee of $999 to receive access for the rest of your life.

Refund Policy

The ZTM policy is relatively straightforward and consistent with what we are accustomed to seeing. If unsatisfied with the package, you have 30 days from your payment date to request a full refund.

But hold on, if ZTM Academy lives up to everything I’ve said in this paragraph, does that mean it’s flawless?

Not at all, as expected. The platform has several drawbacks, one of which I will discuss in a moment, even though it has quite a few positive aspects.

Is the ZTM Academy recommended?

This review of Zero to Mastery Academy by Andrei Neagoie has come to an end, and it’s been great having you here.

I hope your questions have been answered, and maybe now you’ll buy the course. If not, or if you’re like, “Let me think about it,” that’s fine, too.

Based on the thousands of positive reviews of ZTM courses, Andrei has fantastic teaching skills.

Zero to Mastery Academy gives you a plan for how to get a good job in technology. The courses are also updated yearly, and you can pay less than you would for most coding or tech boot camps to access the platform for life.

Zero to Mastery Academy is, without a doubt, a real online coding boot camp that I strongly suggest you try out for a week or two.

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