15 Best Coding Interview Prep Courses (Reviewed by FAANG Engineers)

FAANG is an acronym for the top five biggest technological Giants – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. 

Every software engineer, programmer, and developer who wants to achieve the best in the tech world desires to work in any of these five tech giants. 

However, the challenge of passing required tech interview is mainstream for many individuals. 

For so many people, nothing can be as frustrating as missing opportunities. 

The tech world offers its users countless numbers of opportunities and makes it possible for them to reach the peak in their careers.

Nevertheless, these opportunities can be properly utilized only if one has the adequate knowledge and sufficient Interview skills.

It is not enough to just know the technical skills, you need to be grounded in the interview process and this can be done through a series of training and practices. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources and platforms where you can get the training you need to land your dream tech job.

We have gathered the 15 best coding interview prep courses for those who desire to boost their interview skills in the tech world.

Best Tech Interview Prep Courses

If you are taking up a coding interview in FAANG or any of the Tier 1 companies, then just keep on reading as we bring you the best Interview prep course. 

Below are the 15 best tech Interview prep courses that will help boost your interview skills and land you your dream job in FAANG.

1. Tech Interview Pro by Techlead

If you are looking for an online program and a professional community that will aid you in passing your coding interview then tech interview pro by techlead is all you need.

It is being mentored by Patric Shyu, a formal Google and Facebook staff software engineer. 

You’ll learn from Techlead the simple ways to pass the technical interviews starting from the basics to advanced topics. 

Some of the topics it  covers include; coding,system design in-depth, algorithms, behavioral questions, resume tips, common mistakes, preparation strategies, mock interviews, offer negotiation, must know tips, technical deep-dives, among several others. 

The price for this course is $997 but you can save 40% of the course using this link and get it for $597.

The program features:

Videos split into 150 Episodes

This is a video course of over 150 episodes. You’ll get to learn all what you will need to do too pass the coding interview

Live questions and answers

Together with the techlead team and your fellow students, you will have the opportunity to ask personal questions every two weeks.

Access to private Facebook groups.

This offers you the opportunity to meet professional network on Facebook, find new friends and get easy accessibility to interview write-ups, career community and bonus content.

Coding sessions

This involves more than a  100 video sessions where a detailed teaching is made on data-structure, algorithms, and Bing O time -space complexity analysis.

Resume review

You will get to receive sufficient help for your resume to ensure that they stand out.

Additional Content and lessons.

This program features bonus content, tricks, tips and career opportunities. It is being improved on a daily basis.

Here is a link to a detailed TechInterviewPro Review

2. Interview Cake

The interview cake as the name goes by is a set of exercises and detailed articles that will help in making your coding interview a piece of cake.

The study interview topics contains about 15 sections which includes; 

AlAlgorithmic Thinking, Array and String Manipulation, Hashing and Hash Tables, Greedy Algorithms, Sorting, Searching, and Logarithms, Trees and Graphs, Dynamic Programming and Recursion Queues and Stacks Linked Lists, System Design, General Programming, Bit Manipulation, Combinatorics, Probability, and Other Math, Javascript, Coding Interview Tips. 

It is one of the best coding interview prep courses you can ever get. It consists of high-quality practice questions and well categorized deep content. 

Also, it is risk-free to purchase. The interview cake contents are made accessible for testing before purchasing, in that way you will get to purchase only those you feel are applicable to all that you need. 

In addition to that, Parker Phinney, an instructor, promises a refund if the interview process didn’t work for you.

Some of the disadvantages of the interview cake are that it requires a purely text-based. There is no video content for anyone whose easier method of assimilating information is via visual learning. 

Also, there is an undefined study path. That it is, it doesn’t give the students a clear roadmap to how to tackle the materials. 

However, these are no big issues. The pros outnumber the cons. The cost is $139 for three weeks and $249 for three months.

The interview cake remains one of the best coding interview prep courses for anyone who desires quality over quantity.

3. Algoexpert (by Clemente)

AlgoExperts is one of the best coding interview prep platforms for those in software engineering. 

It features a wide interactive Coding community and video solutions for software engineers who want to work at a FAANG-level company.

Over 100,000 developers have used AlgoExperts with each person giving awesome remarks about it. It is one of the best coding interview prep courses.

AlgoExperts features over 150 hand-picked questions, more than 100 hrs videos, learning in nine different languages, curated assessments, mock Coding interviews, recruiting profiles and certificates, rich coding workspace, among several others. 

Also, it isn’t expensive. Anyone who wants to purchase AlgoExperts can do that for $99

It is one of the coding interview prep courses to put in consideration if you desire a successful outcome in your coding interview.

4. Interview Kickstart

Another platform for your coding interview prep course you should be considering is the interview kickstart.  

It is a 12-15 week part-time online interview training platform that aids software engineers in passing their interviews at FAANG.

You get over 17 interview prep courses for key engineering roles. 

This Includes domain training, coding, systems design, behavioral interview prep, mock interviews & lifelong learning, personalized feedback, mock interviews, and training from FAANG instructors.

Another interesting part about the interview kickstart is that the cost is not expensive and it comes with a favorable reward.

It features comprehensive programs that will train you in every aspect of technical interview, coding, system design, or domain, personalized training to boost your interview skills, and resources to help you prepare and succeed in your coding interview. 

So many of the alum has given their success story about Interview Kickstart

You too can be the next to share your success story by purchasing a coding interview prep course.

5. Hack the Tech Interview by Randall

With Hack the Tech coding interview prep course by Randall, you move a step higher in achieving your dream job in FAANG and any Tier 1 company. 

Hack the tech Interview course offers users the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced tutors in the tech world. 

You will also get access to a step-by-step video, tutorials, curated study plans, learning resources, and free Interview practice.

More so, you will also get the opportunity to network with other students of like passion and get materials that will help you prepare sufficiently for a coding interview to get your desired job in FAANG.

6. Interview Camp

Interview camp offers an online Bootcamp for coding interviews. It offers users the opportunity to learn more than 100 techniques in Algorithms and system design.

You will also get weekly live sessions where you can ask all your questions and get verified answers from members of the group. 

You get access to the private Slack community, more than 60 hours of video content, and curated resources materials to help you become successful in your tech Interview.

Another interesting feature of this platform is that you can get to try it for 7 days after which you can enroll and get a full refund if you choose not to move further with them. The price is quite affordable, you can get it for about $250 per year.

7. Skilled.dev

This platform contains expertise in the in Coding interviews. Skilled.dev helps you gain confidence in your coding interview through their various programs. 

It contains solution videos, code executions, and guided articles to help you learn how to think through each Interview questions step by step and solve them.

Plus a carefully curated course outline to help you learn all you need to know to ace your coding interview. 

Some of the courses offered include JavaScript, dynamic programming, trees, graphs, and several others. 

The price for the course is not quite expensive for anyone who desires quality over quantity, with $250 per year you can get access to the full course that will help you secure your dream job

Another good thing intending users should know about Skilled.dev platform is that you can get a full refund if you don’t get the job or you decide to use other Interview resources or probably you forgot about the course and got a job. 

All you have to do is to send an email within 3 months and you will be refunded.

8. Cracking the Coding Interview

Cracking and coding interview is a book that will help you in getting the necessary equipment for your coding interview job.

It is one of the best materials you will need to land your dream job in FAANG. 

It features over 189 programming questions that are often asked in FAANG and other top tech companies ranging from the simplest to the trickiest problems in Algorithms and hints on how to solve them.

You will also get proven techniques that will help you tackle your algorithm problems, extensive coverage of all the necessary topics such as core Algorithms, data structures and big O time.

It is available in seven different languages which includes: Russian, Polish, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 

The price for the book is $24.49 for a paper back and $49.95 for a spiral bound and it can be purchased in Amazon

9. Land Your First Tech Job (On Break into Tech)

Here is another platform that is fully focused on step by step strategies that will ace your coding interview.

The courses offered are 100% on-demand which implies that you will get started as soon as you are ready for the course. 

It also features video contents and practice problems which will take about 20 hours to complete, this will aid the learning process if anyone whose preferred method of learning is visual.

You will also get all the tools required to get someone’s email for free so as to enhance effective and easier communication.

10. GROKKING The System Interview Course

This is another great platform to get yourself equipped in your coding interview

Get over 17 quizzes, 24 cold snippets and 122 illustrations to help kickstart your learning process.

Some of the necessary modules you will get to cover includes: 

  • Introduction to system design Interviews, 
  • Summarized system design problems, 
  • Dynamo: how to design a key-value store,
  • Cassandra: How to Design a Wide-Column NoSQL Database
  • Kafka: How to Design a Distributed Messaging System
  • Chubby: How to Design a Distributed Locking Service
  • GFS: How to Design a Distributed File System
  • HDFS: How to Design a Distributed File System
  • BigTable: How to Design a Wide-Column Storage System
  • System Design Patterns
  • Glossary of System Design Basics
  • Final Assessments

The cost is available for $99 per year.

You can purchase the course here.

11. Master The Coding Interview By Andrew (On Udemy)

This course on udemy offers users the opportunity to learn

  • Ace the coding interview at the top tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix + others)
  • Step by step guide to common questions, how to solve them, optimize, and present them during tech interview
  • The ultimate resource to prepare for coding interviews, tech interviews and programming interviews
  • Learn exactly what you need to answer difficult questions and the framework you need for ANY kind of questions they throw at you
  • Use the right Data Structures and Algorithms to pass coding interview questions that have the optimal solution
  • Become a better developer by mastering computer science fundamentals

A well structured learning method has been put in place to ensure that users get the best.

Its features include: 

More than 36.5 hours on – demand videos, 46 sections,  290 lectures, about 21 articles to help users prepare for their interview in FAANG, four downloadable resources, one coding exercise, certificate upon completion, among several others.


With Outco you will get to master the technical interview skills that are required to land your dream job in FAANG and any other top company.

This course offers candidates seeking employment in FAANG and other top tech companies access to comprehensive learning materials.

You get access to over 20 guided mock interviews, life time coaching from top dedicated career coaches, 4-week accelerator, among several others.

You can purchase the course here

13. Mastering The Software Engineering Interview Course (On Coursera)

This course helps you with the adequate knowledge you will need in your tech Interview. It takes approximately 21 hours to complete the course.

This course gives users the extra edge in their Interview process in FAANG and other top tech industry as they are offered the opportunity  to learn 

  • Live Coding
  • Programming Interview
  • Algorithms
  • Problem Solving

Also, it is available in several languages which includes: French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

You can enroll for free here 

14. How To Pass A Coding Interview (On Udemy)

Here’s another course that will help you in your interview in FAANG. 

Some of the things you will learn from this platform includes:

  • Skills to pass a coding interview
  • How to talk/listen to the interviewer
  • How to understand the requirements of an interview
  • How to prepare for the coding interview

The course includes 1 hour on-demand video, full time access, certificate upon completion and among several others.

15. Get Ready for your Coding Interview (on LinkedIn Learning)

Another platform where you can get one of the best coding interview prep course is the 

“Get Ready for your Coding Interview (on LinkedIn Learning)”.

Some of its features includes:

  • Introduction to jupyter Notebook and python
  • Array/python list
  • String in Python
  • Two-dimensional Array
  • Time complexity and Big O
  • Hash Table/python Dictionary
  • FAQ about coding interviews 

You will also get a certificate upon completion which can be an advantage in landing your dream job in FAANG and other top tech companies.

You can purchase the course here 

Which Is The Best Coding Interview Preparation Course?

The above listed platforms are the best platform for your coding interview prep course that can help you become successful in your coding interview and land you your dream job in FAANG and other top tech industries.

Tech interview is my best recommendation. Followed by interview cake and Algoexpert.

Wrapping Up

With these platforms, your coding interview is guaranteed to be amazing. You can choose from any of the above listed and purchase a course for yourself.

FAQs on Tech Interview Prep Courses

Which course is the best for coding interview preparation?

There are about 15 courses on coding interview on this list. Plus, there are more than 15 courses if you dig deeper.

In other words, making a decision can be very hard. After several reviews of some of the coding courses on the internet, the Tech Interview Pro is our top recommendations.

Not only because it is taught by an Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook engineer, but because Techlead (the main instructor) is well grounded when it comes coding and interviews.

Also, it is quite affordable and you get lifetime to the course and the community that comes as an attached bonus.

If you want to read a review of the program, you can check out our Tech Interview Pro review here.

What should I study for a tech Interview?

There are free resources that you can study for your tech interview on the internet.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some practice questions and also make research as pertaining to the product of the software company you are joining, their clients, etc. 

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