Tech Interview Pro Review (2023) – Tech lead interview prep

Tech Interview Pro is a household name as far as coding interview prep courses are concerned.

More and more people are starting to use it or plan to use it as their go-to prep course.

Of course, no one can argue against using a good prep course when preparing for tech interviews.

And these days, we’ve known what to expect from a premium course.

This review will put Tech Interview Pro to the test to see whether it deserves a spot in the list of the best interview courses.

Let’s kick off with an overview of the platform.

Overview of Tech Interview Pro

Tech Interview Pro is an online prep course created to help software engineers scale through their interviews.

The program is Patrick Shyu’s (The Techlead) idea of what a tech interview prep course should be.

Tech Interview Pro dishes out its training through pre-recorded videos. 

There are over 150 videos that teach coding and other skills required for interviews.

That represents about 20+ hours of video content.

In these videos, The Techlead walks you through the principles that can be of help when solving any coding problem.

In short, Tech Interview doesn’t skimp on coding. Aside from the lectures, there are plenty of coding exercises so you can flex your mental muscles.

And the course is not just technical. Tech Interview Pro aims to give all-rounder training on the interview process.

The course also gives much attention to the soft skills you can’t do without in an interview. (More on this in the course outline section)

Beyond the videos, the program also hosts live Q/A sessions, has a Facebook community teeming with software experts, and gives lifetime access.

Tech Interview Pro is very popular, and that’s not surprising.

The founder, Patrick Shyu, has made a name in the tech space. The story of how Tech Interview Pro came on board is an interesting one, as you will see in the next part of this review.

Tech Interview Pro Course Instructor – The Techlead

The Techlead is how many people know Patrick Shyu.

He is a native of Silicon Valley but spent some of his life in Japan.

 Patrick Shyu grew up to be a digital expert, but his success story is far from a smooth ride.

True, he got early offers at Sony and Groupon, but he had to sweat before Google accepted him.

And you know, if you can work with Google, there’s almost no limit to the growth of your career.

Their interviews and recruiting process are among the world’s most challenging.

As life would have it, he applied to Google and got rejected for eight years before he finally landed an offer with them.

It wasn’t funny. You can only apply once a year. If you got rejected, you had to wait till the next year before applying again.

That was his ordeal.

However, the lucky day arrived, and he was finally accepted.

From that time on, Patrick Shyu vowed to teach others how to get past the recruiting sieve and into your desired company.

That was how he founded Tech Interview Pro. 

The platform delivers all the lessons he learned during those years of trial and error and rejection.

It also contains all the knowledge and expertise he has gained from working at Google.

The Techlead has been a senior software engineer at Google.

On top of that, he has personally conducted a combined total of over  100 interviews at Google and in other tech companies.

A course put together by such a person would be a game-changer for any who still struggles to pass tech interviews.

And now, I’m sure you are just too eager to see what the course outline contains.

Let’s kick it off from here.

Tech Interview Pro – Course Outline

From the course outline alone, you can see the telltale signs of a reliable tech interview expert.

It is not just that the curriculum covers plenty of topics.

It covers all stages of a standard interview process.

In a typical interview, there is a conversation about everyday matters. You will also talk about your field, and then you will face tests of emotional control.

The course prepares you for all of that.  

 The course also covers thoroughly all the core technical areas that feature in a tech interview: coding, data structures and algorithms, system design and communication.

The breakdown of the 9-module course outline is as follows:

Module 1: Understanding the Interview Process

The Techlead uses the opening module to inform students what to expect in an interview. 

From this module, you will learn the difference between technical and non-technical interviews and how to prepare for them.

Your success starts with a good resume. This module also teaches how to structure resumes to get good results. 

Other topics the Techlead will address include how to clear the telephone screening and what to expect during on-site interviews.

The second module is where the bulk of the training is.

Module 2: The Four Stages of the Interview

Module two is a combo of training in the four areas software engineers must master.

The Techlead has divided this module into the following core aspects:


Coding forms the foundation of any domain in software engineering.

So it is a must for every software engineer to have a good grasp of it.

In the coding section, Techlead breaks down coding questions and shows how to solve them.

Individuals will not have to repeat the mistakes of others since they are all spelt out.

And there are lots of coding exercises students can use to practice.

The next sub-module is data structures and algorithms.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Software engineers or aspiring ones know that they can’t do without data structures and algorithms.

Without them, computer and mobile systems cannot function.

Anyone rusty in this skill will find the Techlead’s course to be of much help.

And if you still feel thirsty in this area, don’t worry; you will come across them in more detail in modules four and seven.

System Design

System design brings together all the other areas we’ve talked about to make a functional platform.

System designers are responsible for putting together such operating systems as iOS and Android, to name but a few.

Hence, knowing coding and data structures without knowing how to utilise them to build effective systems is just a joke.

And the Techlead is a master in this aspect as well.


Here students will learn to dialogue with the interviewer without appearing worried or nervous.

This part enlightens individuals on how to relate with fellow workers when they surmount the interviews.

Communication is a skill that cannot be overlooked. These days, software systems have gotten so complicated that building and maintaining them calls for teamwork.

And you know the unpleasant part? Interviewers are quick to see when a candidate is terrible at communicating.

The Tech Interview Pro has dedicated a whole section to this aspect.  

Module 3: Interviewing Masterclass

Coming away from the technical skills module, we get to the interviewing masterclass.

You will learn how to craft resumes and navigate interviews like a pro.

The Techlead will also reveal the big and small mistakes common among job candidates.

He will also show you how to deduce exactly what the interviewers want to know so that you can both be on the same page.

Module 4:  DS&A

We have come across this aspect of software engineering (data structures and algorithms) in module two.

This module dives deeper into the topic.

Some of the topics he covers here include bits manipulation, stacks and queues and so on.

The module also contains whiteboards and screencasts that show the Techlead solving DS&A problems.

Module 5: 100+ Coding Sessions

Coding is given more attention in this module.

There are loads of exercises in coding for students to practice from.

These practice questions are like interview past questions since they are very common.

Like in exams, there are ways to solve problems to the interviewer’s taste. That’s exactly what the Techlead explains here.

Few other platforms give coding this kind of attention.

Module 6: The Mock Interview 

This is where students benefit from the Techlead’s experience as a recruiter.

In this module, he uncovers all the secrets to passing interviews through mock interviews that simulate the real thing.

You will receive feedback after the mock on how you fared and how you can improve.

If you really want to pass tech interviews at the caliber of what FAANG companies set, then you cannot afford to miss this part.

If you have ever failed any tech interview before, he (the Techlead) will explain why in these mock interviews.

He knows the prevalent mindset among recruiters that nearly all applicants fail to understand.

Module 7: System Design

System design receives a more comprehensive examination in this module.

The Techlead goes very technical here, so you should complete the introductory module (i.e. module two) before joining this module.

Indexing, redundancy & replication, database sharding, and SQL vs NoSQL are just some of the advanced topics you will meet here.

Module 8: Transitioning Careers

One beautiful thing about Tech Interview Pro is how it prepares students not just for the job but also beyond the job.

In this module, you will get insight into how to avoid companies that pin you down.

You will also learn how to have the “I am leaving” conversations with your manager.

But that’s not all. You will also learn how to refocus your resume for a higher-paying, better role.

Although the module assumes you already have a job, you should still watch it even if you don’t have one yet.

Advance knowledge is no waste.

Module 9: Negotiating and Accepting Your Offer

This module delivers much value because a prospective employee could turn the recruiter off with unreasonable negotiations.

Many job seekers don’ts know their technical worth, and the Techlead understands that.

He has been there too. Hence, this module contains the salary negotiation framework that he has used to negotiate his salary with several companies successfully.

Anyone who models that framework will have his bank account to thank him.

Extras and Bonuses

Aside from the rich course outline, are there other treats that can convince a prospective buyer to consider this course?

Yes. In this time and age, any interview prep course that delivers just the basic experience isn’t going to excel.

Continue reading for the extra features of Tech Interview Pro.

1. Private Facebook Group

One thing students will be hard-pressed to do without is a community.

Hence, the presence of a community shows how conversant the Techlead is with the needs of software engineers. 

Access to the Facebook group is granted as soon a person signs up for the course.

Students can ask questions and gain answers not only from other students but also from the professionals in the group.

That goes to show that solo learning is not everything.

2. Resume Review

Resume reviews are another bonus included in the Tech Interview Pro package.

The Techlead himself handles these sessions.

That is one advantage of having an ex-software engineer and recruiter take your lectures.

You will receive information on drafting resumes that only an insider in a tech company can give you.

With resume reviews, you have a substantial competitive advantage since you will not be repeating the mistakes of the majority when crafting your resumes.

3. Bi-weekly Q/A Sessions

The Techlead organises live Q/A sessions every two weeks.

That is one of the many benefits you stand to gain from joining the course.

Many people prefer live conversations to just watching videos.

If that describes you, you’re in good company.

In these live sessions, you can ask any question bothering you, and you’ll get expert answers to it.

What if you miss a session?

There are recordings of every session available, so even if you’re a newbie, you can always watch the recordings of past sessions.

One more thing: these sessions do not require an entry fee. The payment for the course has already covered them.

There’s no need to worry about extra payments.

4. Lifetime Access (Frequent Update)

Perhaps the most exciting part of the program is lifetime access.

There is no need to worry about when your subscription will expire. The truth is, it doesn’t expire.

Every prep course should be like a mentor you can always refer to for guidance long after the training.

Tech interview Pry meets up with that criteria.

It’s a good thing that you can always re-enjoy its content two, five or even ten years after the training.

That’s why the course has the tag “the “living course”.

Tech Interview Pro Reddit

Tech Interview Pro is a popular course, and many would recommend it over other courses.

However, you can’t win everyone’s heart no matter how hard you try.

A typical example of the latter case is Reddit users

Many claim that the refund policy is unnecessarily complicated and tiresome.

And some even view the course as an outright scam 

In short, if you go through this, you’ll find lots of negative reviews:

But I can’t entirely agree with it because that’s the norm for Reddit users.

The people posting these comments either have some personal bias for Patrick Shyu or didn’t even give the course a fair trial.

I understand that the Techlead isn’t a perfect guy and actually has some things against him.

For instance, his infringement on Algoexpert’s right and his unlawful divorce are things to twitch your nose at.

But that aside, he has much experience and expertise to share. So one can’t just write off the course like that.

Tech Interview vs Algoexpert

Algoexpert is another course just like Tech Interview Pro.

It was also built for software engineers who want to get into FAANG companies.

Tech Interview Pro and Algoexpert resemble each other in some crucial areas.

They both feature industry insiders. For Algoexpert, it is Clement Mihailescu.

Like the Techlead, Clement built Algoexpert on the same principles that landed him offers at Google and Facebook.

Algoexpert also has provision for mock interviews.

So Clement’s course iy worth considering.

With Algoexpert, you can hit the ground running with data structures, algorithms and coding.

But you will need to retreat when it comes to the second half of the battle, namely: system design and soft skills.

You cannot use only Algoexpert to prepare adequately for tech interviews.

Of course, you can always purchase Algoexpert and then another tool to make up for the system design and soft skills part.

But if you want to get everything in one whole package (which I’m pretty sure you’d prefer), then Tech Interview Pro is the sensible option.

Tech Interview Pro Price – Is It Worth the Cost?

As we all know, the price can make or break a product. That’s especially true in these difficult economic times when we must make sure every penny counts.

So far, Tech Interview Pro seems to be shaping out to be the perfect choice as a tech interview course.

And now, I’m sure you’re eager to know whether the pricing is the remaining piece of the puzzle.

At a starting price of $800, the course might seem expensive. But you can get $300 off if you buy through this link.

That takes it down to just $500. 

Is it worth it? You can’t find another course that offers all the features and benefits of Tech Interview Pro at this price.

Not to talk of offering all of them for a lifetime. That alone is food for thought.


At this point, I believe this review has cleared up all your questions and mailed all your doubts regarding Tech Interview Pro.

Without mincing words, I highly recommend this software for any who wants to get into a FAANG company.

Its truckload of features and lifetime access for a relatively low price make it the tech interview prep course to beat.

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