Tech Interview Pro vs. Algoexpert – Which is Better?

You probably know a thing or two about Tech Interview Pro and Algoexpert, or maybe other people suggested them to you.

Choosing between these two platforms for software engineers (SWEs) preparing for interviews can sometimes be tricky.

Tech Interview has got many people talking about it on the internet, and so has Algoexpert.

Besides, they make big promises. In short, there’s a lot of fuss surrounding them.

It takes a detailed breakdown of what these two competitors are all about to make the right choice.

And that’s what I have done in this review.

This four-point review will examine the two platforms in these critical areas:

  • Overview of Algoexpert and Tech Interview Pro
  • Features of both platforms
  • Pricing and,
  • Editor’s choice.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Overview of Algoexpert

Algoexpert is a library of resources for studying the patterns that a software engineer will most likely come across in an interview.

Clement Mihailescu put the platform together as the CEO and Antoine Pourchet as the co-founder.

They are among the early set of software engineers who had to spend hours preparing for interviews the hard way. I mean, by studying from books, articles, etc.

And so they sat down to compile the recurring patterns in interview questions along with lessons from their personal experience. And that’s how Algoexpert was born in 2017. 

The duo has worked as software engineers in big-name companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber. 

Besides Clement and Antoine, more than a dozen people are running the company to ensure the students’ satisfaction. All have experience working with some of the biggest tech companies like Facebook and Uber. 

Algoexpert is relatively late to the game but has helped many people land their dream jobs in tech companies. 

Overview of Tech Interview Pro

Tech Interview Pro, on the other hand, is the tech-interview-prep solution created by Patrick Shyu, aka Techlead.

Like the founders of Algoexpert, Techlead is a veteran in the software tech space.

He is an ex-Facebook and ex-Google engineer. Techlead has also worked for Sony, Apple, and Microsoft, amongst others.

However, Techlead’s journey up there wasn’t an easy one. He got his first job with Google on his ninth attempt.

Once he got there, he quickly got the hang of things. He has even been part of the recruiting team and has personally interviewed hundreds of candidates.

Given all those credentials, we can expect quite a lot from a course he put together to mentor tech interview candidates. 

With Tech Interview Pro, you can access coding videos and resume reviews. The course consists of about 150 videos that take you from the ground up. 

We will talk about the course features in more detail later on in the next section. 

Tech Interview Pro vs. Algoexpert – Features

We are eager to see how these competing platforms compare in the feature aspect.

In this section, I will explain which platform has better features based on the depth of training, mode of training, supported languages, and success stories. 

Depth of Training

Both platforms teach a lot, but there’s got to be one that takes the lead. Let’s start with Algoexpert.

Algoexpert focuses on data structure and, as the name suggests, algorithms.

There is no system design training. For that, you will have to pay extra for a sister package.

So that leaves you with system design and the communication aspect, which are the two other fundamental skills a software engineer must know well.

Going deeper, there are over 100 hours of video content that all together treat about 15 patterns or topics.

Those patterns are arrays, binary search trees, programming, etc.

After finishing the course, you’ll have solved up to 160 questions. 

Users will begin the training with a data crash course before commencing the main activity.

Each topic begins with a video explanation of the case, and then users can attempt the questions that follow using the interactive code editor.

It’s now the turn of Tech Interview Pro. In a nutshell, Patrick’s course is far more comprehensive.

The 150 videos that make up the course cover all aspects that a software engineer should be prepared for. 

The videos pick up the topics from the grassroots so that even someone with no coding experience can understand.

They include systems design and the communication aspect, which expert leaves out.

Communication or soft skills training is something Tech Interview Pro excels in. 

The Techlead goes into much detail explaining such things as leadership, teamwork, communication, etc.

Those are skills that are often overlooked in favor of the technical aspects.

However, interviewers are not looking to hire someone who’s only good at working with machines, but that cannot work well with others to achieve a common goal. 

Mode of Training

The training mode says a lot about how convenient the learning experience will be. So yeah, let’s check that out.

Tech Interview Pro and Algoexpert both employ pre-recorded video for their lessons. These videos are not downloadable, so you’d have to stream them.

Since there are no live classes, I guess there is no need to stick to a schedule. You can create your own and adjust it as you like.

So long as you have a desktop or mobile device with a reliable internet connection, there are no issues with the videos. 

Supported Languages

The number of supported languages is another factor worth considering. You don’t want to be lost in a language you hardly understand.

Algoexpert’s videos make use of nine programming languages. You can solve the coding problems in any language from the list provided.

They are JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Java, Go, Swift, Typescript, and Kotlin. 

Tech Interview Pro also offers support for multiple programming languages. Techlead has designed it so that the coding aspects can be learned and understood no matter the programming language you are good in.

Success Stories

Algoexpert and Tech Interview Pro have a lot of success stories from those who have used them.

Take a look at some positive reviews in the screenshots below.

Tech Interview Pro:


Length of Support

If you are wondering which one between Algoexpert and Tech Interview Pro offers better support, you will find out in this section.

I have thrown the die, and it’s picking Algoexpert. So let’s start with it.

An Algoexpert purchase grants one year of access to all the videos and everything else about the course.

If you feel you can achieve everything you need within a year, then Algoexpert might be for you.

With Tech Interview Pro, you have lifetime access to all the videos and other resources, the community included.

That means you can always refer back to any course part if you are stuck with something.

But there’s still something else we need to check out. What else can we expect from both platforms aside from the core learning?

Extras and Bonuses

Training on coding and how to pass the Interviews is basically what Algoexpert and Tech Interview Pro are meant for.

Thankfully, they don’t stop there. Both platforms go a little mile extra to give us a helping hand.

With Algoexpert, that extra mileage comes from their recruiting profile and certification feature.

Fine. That’s some lengthy catchphrase but what it means is that Algoexpert can give you a certificate after you complete the course, and then you can be referred to a tech company.

At least, that will cut out some stress for any that gets that opportunity. 

But while that is some serious help, Tech Interview Pro goes many steps further.

First, you get the advantage of individual resume reviews. Yeah, it may sound too good to be true, but Techlead will review your resume and snack on how to improve it.

You don’t have to pay extra to get this benefit. And considering the level of experience Techlead has, you would do well to leverage the resume review bonus.

It doesn’t end with resume reviews, though. You also get a Facebook community where you can rub minds with other learners and even tap knowledge from experts in the tech field.

On top of that, Techlead organizes bi-weekly Q/A sessions for all Tech Interview Pro students.

He answers all the questions students ask about preparing for the interviews and accepting job offers, and; these Q/A sessions are recorded for easy access in case you miss anyone. And if you attended, you’ll receive feedback for your specific scenario.

Tech Interview Pro vs. AlgoExpert – Pricing

Pricing is part of what differentiates Tech Interview Pro and Algoexpert.

Algoexpert costs $39 for a full year of access. That means payment is made once, and that’s it—nothing like recurring billing.

Tech Interview Pro goes the way of a one-time payment, only that it’s more expensive at $997 or $597 if you buy through this link.

Why we choose Tech Interview Pro over Algoexpert

Judging by the tone of this review, our tech interview platform of choice is Tech Interview Pro.

Algoexpert is on level ground with Tech Interview Pro if you come from the expert-led angle, but it ends there.

I do recommend Tech Interview Pro for several reasons but let me summarise them into this:

Tech Interview Pro offers a better price-to-value proposition.

It might seem way more expensive than Algoexpert but what you get from it makes up for the price difference.

Tech Interview Pro is more comprehensive, offers more essential features, and is accessible for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

The overall winner in this face-off is Tech Interview Pro.

And we’ve highlighted the reasons that justify that conclusion.

That’s not to say that Algoexpert is an awful platform. It could just borrow a leaf and a stalk from Tech Interview Pro.

So let’s say if Tech Interview Pro’s pricing isn’t for you, then Algoexpert is available. It’s one of the cheapest courses if you don’t mind the missing topics.

But if you want the surest guarantee of passing the tech interview on your first try, you can’t go wrong with Tech Interview Pro.


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