How to Recover Binance Account 2023

How to Recover Binance Account

There are a few different ways to go about recovering a Binance account that has been lost, hacked, or banned. In this article, we will cover the steps you need to take to recover your Binance account.

Recovering a lost Binance account requires a lot of patience. 

If you lost the password to your Binance Account or lost your recovery seed and you are unable to recover your Binance account, there are several options you can employ to get access to your Binance account again.

However, to recover a Binance account, one has to first outline the main cause of the loss.

Was it that your account was banned?

Did you mistakenly delete your Binance account?

Well, I covered several options here.

Let’s start with the chronic question.

How to Recover a Deleted Binance Account

If your Binance account was deleted whether mistakenly or not, it is impossible to recover it.

So if the account you are trying to recover is a deleted account, I am sorry to inform you that you can’t access it again.

Well, so far, we haven’t heard of anyone able to recover a deleted Binance account but if you have some findings in it, you can always reach out to their customer support.

How to Recover a Lost Binance Account (Lost Login Details)

If you simply lost your login details to your Binance account, then there are several options to recover the details and gain access to it.

Also it might be time for you to think about changing your password on other sites you use.


When you use the same password for Binance for other sites as well, you’re vulnerable to attacks and hacks.

Because sometimes data breaches occur and if you’re not careful, your password on other sites might be breached thus making your Binance account vulnerable to attacks..

The idea is not to start using different passwords for different sites as that is not also advisable but to make sure that whatever password you use should be very unique and also strong.

Now the steps to recover a lost Binance account is subdivided into two.

Firstly, for those who forgot their Gmail/mobile number, then secondly for those who forgot their password

We will be treating the former first and the latter later in this post.

I forgot my Gmail/mobile number

If you forgot the gmail/mobile number that you used for your registration on Binance, then its not a big deal.

What you need to do is as follow:

1 Think of your frequently used mobile number or Gmail 

If you only forgot your number/gmail, then chances are that your frequently used email might be the one.

So you have to think about the email/mobile number that you use the most.

2 Check your mails

Whenever you register/sign up on any platform, you’ll always get mail.

So if you are the type of person that does not delete important emails, then you just have to search your mailbox.

And you should also make sure to check your spam folder as well because not all emails are received through your mailbox.

3 Trial and error

If you’re not still sure of which Gmail/mobile number you used, then you may have to use the “trial and error” method.

What this implies is that:

You will have to pick your numbers one by one and try them with your password to see the original one.

Binance will tell you whether you ever opened an account with them via that number or email.

I forgot my password?

Are you stuck thinking how can I recover my account after forgetting my password?

Then you don’t need to be worked up or harsh on yourself, because it is a very common occurrence.

And we can sort it out together.

Let’s dive in.

1 Open the Binance app/website

To recover your password, you first need to open the Binance app the usual way.

2 Click on “forgot password?” 

Now Instead of filling the space provided for your login details, check the text written below the password box.

It reads “forgot password?” Click on it. 

Then Click on “continue” 

NB: Please note that for security reasons, withdrawals from your account will be suspended for 24 hours after a password reset.

3 Type in your email/mobile number

Now the next thing to decide is to check whether you used a number or an email to register with Binance.

Whatever you used then, type it in the box provided.

Then click on “Next”.

4 Complete the verification puzzle

This is just meant to detect if you are a robot or a real human with blood in your veins.

So you just have to drag the puzzle to the right place.

5 Enter the verification code.

If the Gmail/phone number you entered is correct, you’ll receive a six-digit verification code to verify if you’re the owner of the account.

Copy it and enter it into the space provided for you.

Click “Next”.

NOTE: If your account is registered with an email and you have enabled SMS 2FA( 2 Factor authentication), you can reset your password via your mobile number.

Likewise, if your account is registered with a mobile number and you have enabled email 2FA, you can reset the login password using your email.

6 Reset a new unique  password 

Reset your password making sure it is a strong one.

A strong password consists of letters, numbers and symbols.

We also advise writing your password in a diary or secret book in case the same repeats itself.

7 Log in to your account

Your password has been changed successfully.

Go ahead and use your new password to log in to your account

How to delete your Binance account

How to Recover a Banned Binance Account

The first thing you should do after being banned is to withdraw all of your coins to a new exchange. This helps keep your funds out of the hands of hackers and protects you from being banned in the future.

You can use the Binance Exchange or any other exchange that supports fiat deposits and withdrawals. Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Kucoin, and Gdax are a few of the many exchanges that offer this service.

If you are banned because of abnormal activities on your account, then you have to reach out to their customer support for help.

But if you’re banned because you live in the US, then there is nothing you could do.

You’ll still be permitted to withdraw your money, so you should first do that.

After that, you can proceed to look for other platforms that can be compared to Binance to continue your crypto journey.

But if you feel you still like the Binance platform, then you can use a VPN to bypass Binance restriction.

5 Best VPNs to bypass Binance restriction

How to Recover a Hacked Binance Account

I know how suffocating it feels but nevertheless you have to adopt a calm heart else you’ll make a rash decision.

Before you make any rash decision, it is best to confirm if your account has been really hacked.

If the reason you think your account is hacked is because you can’t access it again, chances are that the mistake might be on your part.

That is maybe you typed in the wrong password by mistake.

But if you’re still sure that you did not make a mistake in the password/email section, Read on.

How To Tell If Your Binance Account Was Hacked

The following are ways to confirm whether your account has been hacked or not:

1 You cannot log into your Binance account

2 You see transactions or trades on your account that were not made by you.

3 What your balance reflects is not what you expect.

4 You Receive an “abnormal Activity” Email  from Binance

5 Your wallet rejects a GAS price

Literally, the best thing to do if your account was hacked is to contact Binance support.

You can contact Binance support here.

1 Once you land on their page, the next thing is to enter your login details if you can still login.

2 If you can’t, click on “continue as visitor”, then enter a valid email address. 

3 Click on “start chat” so you could talk with one of their team members.

4 Explain as much as you can

The most crucial point has come.

At this point, you need to explain yourself as much as you can.

You will also be asked a lot of questions to confirm if you’re really the owner of the Binance account.

They may be able to freeze your account immediately which will suspend all transactions and make your account safe.

It might take some days to totally recover your account but it’s possible with the support of their team members.

Things to do after recovering your account

After recovering your account, it is best to create a new strong password for your account.

You should also stop logging in through other devices apart from your own as well as permitting only trusted people to use your PC.

You should also consider not auto saving your password.


Do you know what to do if a hacker gets a hold of your password?

This is also another possibility as the Binance platform is a centre of attraction to hackers who are looking to steal crypto coins from users.

Hackers use data breaches and other breaches to collect stolen login credentials and use them to compromise other accounts.

If your login credentials on those sites have been compromised, you need to change your password on those other sites..

It is also crucial to note that in some cases, the hack may be done in mass and so you’re not the only one who has been hacked.

The hacker might have not even touched your account due to the multitude of other accounts they’re still dealing with.

So if the password to your account has not been changed by the hacker yet and he has not done any transaction yet, then you should endeavor to change your password as soon as you can. 

And you’re safe!

Check the link below for pictures relating to recovering your password.

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