DeFi Pro Reviews – Techlead Crypto Course 2023

Are you considering taking the DeFi Pro course by Techlead but want to be sure it is worth it?

Here is my honest review of DeFi Pro. In this review, I dive into an overview of the course, the instructor, the course content, and price, and also give my recommendations.

At the time of writing this course review, there are already close to 1000 students in the DeFi Pro community and there have just been positive reviews about the course in the Discord community.

As one of the early students, here is my take on the course. 

And if you’re wondering whether I recommend it or not, no need for BS or beating around the bush. I recommend DeFi to everyone and anyone looking to get their feet wet in the DeFi or crypto world.

Now that you know my stance on this course, you can either take action right away claiming the discount offer or continue reading my review to see the course content and why I think the course is the best DeFi course in the market.

What is DeFi Pro?

DeFi Pro is a course that teaches you how to make money from DeFi (decentralized finance) through liquidity pools, staking, etc.

DeFi is a financial institution or technology based on a secure distribution ledger. It doesn’t require intermediaries like brokerages, exchanges, or banks.

There are several ways to profit from DeFi and one of the popular ways is to facilitate transactions in exchange for a small fee which will compound into something worthwhile.

This is one of the things you’ll learn in this course. This course is a complete guide and tutorial to take the average Joe from a newbie to an expert in DeFi.

Defi Pro Instructor – Techlead

The creator and instructor of DeFi Pro is Patrick Shyu who is popularly known as Techlead.

Techlead is an Ex-Facebook and Ex-Google software engineer and now a youtuber, crypto jedi, and course creator.

Besides being known as a top-notch software programmer, Techlead has also built himself a name in the cryptocurrency world.

You’ll find some of his insightful and value-packed crypto advice and predictions on his Youtube channel.

In addition, Techlead also has his own tribe and token (Million Token) which you can also buy and hodl to make profit.

According to CoinMarketCap, Million Token has a market cap of $10.4 million which is an immense growth considering that he single-handedly promoted the token.

This goes on to show his mastery of the cryptocurrency world and how it operates. 

As someone who has seen both sides of the cryptocurrency industry, he is worth listening and learning from.

Defi Pro Course Outline – What is in the Course?

DeFi Pro Course is split into 15 video sessions which I’ll run through in this section to give you an idea of what to expect in the course.

One thing I love about the course is that Techlead saves you the stress of listening to boring history by cutting out the fluffs and providing actionable steps you can take right away while still on the course.

From the 4th video session, you can start setting up your DeFi portfolio and creating profitable assets.

So as not to get ahead of myself, let’s run through the 15 sessions.

#1 Introduction to DeFi

This course is a welcoming session with a blend of the introduction to DeFi which is to carry along the newbies with no idea of what DeFi is.

Also, in this section, you get access to the Discord group link invite for you to join and activate. The Discord group is the most valuable because you get to chat and relate with other DeFi traders.

#2 Introduction to Blockchain

This is the second session where Techlead covers a little bit of basics to help the newbies understand what the Blockchain is and how it operates. You can skip this session if you have some experience in blockchain.

#3 DeFi Demonstration

This video session is more like a quick overview of what a complete profitable DeFi system and portfolio should look like.

In this session, Techlead did an overview sharing his own profitable DeFi portfolio and the various ways he is making money with Decentralized Finance.

He also covers a little bit on the ways he makes money, the apps he is using, risk management, etc, all of which he later covered exclusively in later sessions.

#4 Lending and Borrowing

This is a core aspect of DeFi and it is one of the ways you can make money with DeFi. Techlead covers a step-by-step tutorial on how he goes about lending and borrowing in the DeFi system.

Right in the video, Techlead set up one from scratch which you can also follow to do yours.

#5 Liquidity Pools

This is one of my favorite sessions in the course as this is the model I find intriguing. In this session, Techlead explains how liquidity pools work in DeFi and how you can profit from it.

Similar to the previous session, Techlead also set up his liquidity pools in this chapter. 

#6 Staking, Farming, and Syrup

Three in one, these three terms are very similar and they are also different ways to make money with DeFi.

You get introduced to these terms, the networks, apps, and tools required to make maximum profits from staking, farming, and syrup.

#7 DeFi Apps

Along the way in the previous sessions, Techlead mentioned his favorite apps in passing and you will have seen him use a couple of apps and leave one app for another.

Your profit from DeFi is relative and depends largely on the apps and networks you are using. 

In this session, Patrick Shyu (Techlead) does a full analysis on the DeFi apps he uses to manage his portfolio and the tools for the trade.

#8 Risk Management

Risk is an essential factor in business and much more in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a very volatile industry with huge risk and profit.

Your ability to profit also depends on your risk management strategy. Techlead takes us through his risk management strategy to keep risk at barest minimum while still obtaining profit.

#9 Security Best Practices

Although there is a very slim chance of a coin being hacked, there are still some security measures to put in place to ensure your investment is safe and not at the mercy of hackers and cybercriminals.

Techlead talks about security best practices to use to protect your account and investment.

#10 Bridges and Multichain

When it comes to DeFi there is a need to understand the concept of bridges and multi-chain as this helps you increase your profit and escape competition.

Techlead recommends the blockchains to use for your DeFi to mitigate risk alongside how to build bridges and leverage multi-chain when trading and investing.

#11 Centralized Finance

Although all statistics point to decentralized finance (DeFi) as the future of finance, Techlead addresses CeFi (Centralized Finance) as a diversification strategy to mitigate risk when investing.

#12 DeFi 2.0 and Advanced Protocols

Let’s take a step further, at this stage, you already have your DeFi game started and want to get into more volatile and highly profitable assets to work with which Patrick Shyu calls the future of DeFi. You’ll learn about DeFi 2.0 and advanced protocols that provide higher yields.

In this section, Techlead (Patrick Shyu) reveals the strategies and analysis he uses to find opportunities that provide better yields. 

As you know, the more people get into an opportunity the lower the profit and the higher the competition, this is why it is essential to be able to do the analysis yourself to find newer opportunities. Techlead covers his strategy here.

While you’re still learning to walk, Techlead shares opportunities in the Discord community that you can leverage on.

#14 10 DeFi Tips and Tricks

Getting close to the end of the course, Tech lead discusses his 10 principles and tips to guide you in your journey to becoming a DeFi Pro. Let this be the tablet that you consult with when looking for opportunities and also investing.

#15 Future of Finance

This is the last video session and the concluding part of the course (note that the rest of the conversation continues in the Discord community). Techlead presents you a digital certificate of completion of the course. Below is mine (what it looks like):

Extras and Bonuses

DeFi Pro Price – How Much Does the Course Cost?

Techlead offers a flexible pricing package for DeFi Pro. It costs a 6 month payment of $99 per month.

That is you pay $99 per month for six months and that brings the full price of the course to $594.

But at the moment, Techlead is offering a $20 discount off the monthly price. So you just have to pay $77 per month for six months (that is, a $120 discount off the full price).

Here is a link to claim the discount offer while it lasts!

DeFi Pro Reviews – Some Testimonials

Before I get into others’ reviews, I would like you to know that this is one of the best DeFi courses and it teaches you actionable steps you can take right away.

Here are some comments from others in the community:

Wrapping Up

Finally, I hope you find this review insightful and it helps you make the right decision whether to get the course or not. For me, the course is worth the price and I believe you’ll find the course helpful.

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