Pomp Crypto Course Review 2023- The Crypto Academy

Everyone is talking about taking a crypto course nowadays given how technical and complex crypto is.

The Crypto Academy is one of the available training courses for anyone looking to learn the nitty-gritty of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Pomp Crypto Course as it is called is an expensive course that requires you to apply.

It is different from several other courses because not everyone gets accepted into the program.

For this reason, we decided to review the Pomp Crypto Course and see if it is worth the hype and the cost.

Join us as we dig into Pomp Crypto Course reviews on the internet and also compare them with alternatives in the market.

Let’s get started.

Overview of Pomp Crypto Course (The Crypto Academy)

pomp crypto course

Pomp Crypto Course is officially known as The Crypto Academy. However, many people refer to it as the Pomp Crypto Course after the name of the creator ( main instructor), Anthony Pompliano.

It is a cohort program that accepts a limited number of students every session and also gives access to their premium community.

The Crypto Academy duration is 3 weeks and requires a time investment of 3 to 10 hours per week.

What you’ll get in the crypto Academy

There are many things you are going to get in this course which I will outline for you here.

Those things include:


Pomp will lead two live hour-long Zoom workshops every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where you can interact and ask questions.

Discussion group

Join your coaches and co-learners in meaningful discussions as you explore the depth of crypto.

Useful resources will also be provided so you can continue learning outside of the workshops and discussion groups

Assignment – project

Assignments and projects make you a better thinker and a problem solver.

You will be given assignments to work on regularly, thus putting your brain to work.

Resumes and Interviews

Interviews will be done periodically so you could learn from experts and from people who know what you don’t know.

Also, you will learn the approach you need to get into the company of your choice. The knowledge and the expertise you need even as a beginner to launch in the crypto space will also be taught.

Community events

Remember you are learning in a cohort that is in an environment stacked with like-minded people.

Get to know your classmates in a relaxed environment.

Join past and present Academy students in Slack with channels that include: investing, learning, memes, questions, and more!

Course Instructors

The Crypto Academy has several course instructors with Anthony Pompliano as the main lead.

Anthony Pompliano is a renowned Bitcoin advocate who is popularly known as Pomp. He is an entrepreneur and investor that is involved in multiple projects in the crypto space.

He is also a content creator known as the host of Pomp Podcast. Pomp also has a youtube channel that goes by his name.

Kenny DeGiglio is another instructor in the program. Kenny, who has  a degree in finance, is in charge of curating resources for the course.

Kenny hosts discussion groups for topics relating to Bitcoin, books, and the cryptocurrency world at large.

Another instructor is Kody Low who is also a facilitator for Synthesis school. Kody leads discussion groups on subjects relating to technologies underlying Bitcoin and the lightning network.

Claire Jencks is the brain behind the career section of the program. She leads discussion groups on how to transition into the crypto space  – the process of landing a job in the market.

Balazs Nagy is the NFT guy in the community. He leads discussion groups surrounding NFTs and IPFS.

Morgan Clemens is behind the novel discussions on how crypto ties into society.

Mac is the engine guy that leads you into a fun failure pre-mortems and helps you build crypto projects that succeed.

Colton Sakamoto is the last guy on the list of instructors for the course and he handles the crypto jobs section of the program.

Pomp Crypto Course Outline

Under their curriculum section, they have a big heading that reads “Fundamentals of Bitcoin and crypto”

Their curriculum is for three weeks and requires you to commit 3 to 10 hours of your time each week for the lessons.

  • You are also assigned a project each week with various assignments.
  • 6 Live Workshops Taught by Pomp. Over 55 Events in Total.
  • Apart from the general and important lessons, you are also given optional events from which you can choose depending on your preferences.

They have six major course outline which is listed as follow:

1 Today’s Financial Markets & The Rise of Bitcoin

What is money? Today’s financial markets. Early days of Bitcoin. These are the topics that are covered in this section.

Optional events

  • Discussion group – “Welcome to the Program” Logistics Q&A
  • Post-Workshop Discussion Group
  • Deep Dive – Layer 2 & 3 and the Alt-coin Ecosystem
  • Deep Dive – Bitcoin Technicals: How Bitcoin Solves for Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
  • Deep Dive – Bitcoin Basics & Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Deep Dive – The Crypto Company Universe
  • Discussion Group – Bitcoin Rarity.

2 Bitcoin Adoption & Technical Basics

This section is all about bitcoin adoption & use cases, common misconceptions, and how to buy, sell, & store your Bitcoin. The Lightning Network.

Optional events in this section

  • Post-Workshop Discussion Group
  • Deep Dive – Proof-of-Work (PoW) vs. Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
  • Deep Dive – Branding for a Brave New World
  • Deep Dive – A Non-technical Overview of the Lightning Network
  • Social Event
  • Social Event
  • Deep Dive – Bitcoin Technicals: Transactions and the UTXO Model
  • Discussion Group – Assignment #1 Clinic
  • Deep Dive – Ways to Think About Valuing Bitcoin w/ Special Guest
  • Deep Dive – Resume & Cover Letter Day!
  • Deep Dive – Crypto Storage & Custody.

3 The Decentralized world

All about smart contracts, decentralized finance, regulations, and stable coins & CBDCs.

Optional events

  • Post-Workshop Discussion Group
  • Deep Dive – Smart Contracts & NFTs
  • Deep Dive – Bitcoin Technicals: Public Key Cryptography & Wallets
  • Deep Dive – Crypto & the Creator Economy
  • Deep Dive – Story Spine & the Interview Process
  • Deep Dive – Converting “No-Coiners”.

4 Crypto Experiment

This section covers Web3, DApps, DAOs, ICOs, NFTS, and social tokens.

Optional events

  • Post-Workshop Discussion Group
  • Deep Dive – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Discussion Group – Career Office Hours
  • Social Event
  • Deep Dive – Bitcoin Technicals Wrap-Up
  • Discussion Group – Assignment #2 Clinic
  • Discussion Group – Quadriga Embezzlement & Self-Custody w/ Special Guest.

5 Broader Implications of Bitcoin & Crypto

Institutional involvement, privacy, civil liberties, and nation-state adoption.

Optional events

  • Post-Workshop Discussion Group
  • Deep Dive – Permaweb & IPFS
  • Deep Dive – Lightning Network Technicals
  • Deep Dive – The Meme is the Message
  • Discussion Group – Bitcoin for Daily Use & Bitcoin as a Unit of Account.

6 Career Day

Top companies will present their mission, company culture, open roles, and best practices for interviewing.

Optional events

  • Social Event
  • “Family Reunion” Social Event.
  • The curriculum is split into six different sections where each of which houses many topics both the compulsory and the optional ones.
  • The list of to-do’s in the sections becomes shorter as the section descends from 1 to 6.

Pomp Crypto Course Price

It is said that “everything good comes with a price

This is the case here as well and just like other crypto courses, you are to pay a certain amount of money to learn.

But unlike other courses, you have to apply and get accepted before you can pay the amount of money required of you.

Their payment plan is for a lifetime which means once you’ve paid, you don’t need to pay anything again.

The amount to pay for Pompliano’s crypto course – “Crypto academy”  is $1250.

One of the cons that I see about their course is the cost. Their course is much more expensive compared to most crypto courses and also more insightful.

They don’t have a free day trial.

The Crypto Academy Reviews

Just like every other tool you have used, there’s always a place for reviews. We’ll be mentioning some of the reviews we found people saying about them.

Are you set, they’re as follows:

From Ryan Johnston, a Supervisor at Kraken:

“In joining Pomp’s Crypto Academy training program, I wanted to expand my network of like-minded individuals as I was thinking of making a career change. It helped me get connected with companies in the space that are hiring, gave great insight on how to navigate the crypto recruiting and application process and ultimately I was able to secure a position with Kraken. I received offers from multiple companies but was able to wait for the right opportunity.”

From Aaron Iglesias, a Software Engineer at Coinbase:

“I originally joined Pomp’s “Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Crypto” training program to learn about Bitcoin and its potential to positively impact our economy. While I certainly learned about that, I was pleasantly surprised to have learned even more such as crypto’s impact in general, proof-of-work versus proof-of-stake, and even how to explain crypto to audiences of varying technical backgrounds, all through collaborative hands-on projects. If that wasn’t good enough, I’ve even made lifelong connections with many talented people as well.

Ultimately, Pomp’s program inspired me to contribute to the crypto economy full-time: I’m happy to say that I’ll be joining Coinbase as a software engineer where I’ll be building Custody, a product that allows institutions to securely store their crypto assets. I can’t wait to get started, and I’m forever grateful to Pomp and his team for designing this training program. Thank you.”

From Afo Ogunnaike, Director Of Business Operations at Cross River:

“I enrolled in the training program because I was curious. I worked at a traditional bank. Some of my co-workers dismissed Bitcoin, while others thought it might be the future. I wanted to learn for myself. Well, I did that and a whole lot more. Beyond the course work, debates and learning activities, my biggest takeaway was joining a vibrant community. This simply can’t be replicated by watching YouTube videos.

We set up informal Zoom happy hours, met up at Bitcoin conferences, exchanged ideas and supported each other’s job search. Today, I am the Director of Business Operations (Crypto) at Cross River. We are building a suite of solutions to help onboard the next 1 billion people to crypto. I’m still in touch with alums from the program. Join us!”

Crypto Academy vs Jeff Wang Rocketfuel crypto!

Here, we will do some little observation to bring out some advantages and disadvantages of the two.

If we are to compare Anthony’s course – “The crypto academy” and “Jeff Wang Rocketfuel crypto“, I believe we’ll be able to point out some merits or even demerits.


Looking at the angle of cost shows a major difference.  Jeff Wang Rocketfuel crypto is way cheaper with just about $47 for a month and a 7 day free trial compared to Crypto Academy that requires you to pay a whopping $1250.

But depending on the way you look at it, you have to keep paying $47 for each month in Rocketfuel crypto while you pay $1250 just once for a lifetime.


Looking at the curriculum of both of them, we’ll find out that Crypto academy has a more detailed outline compared to Rocketfuel.

Though that does not automatically mean that they teach more, it is just that a bird at hand is better than two in the bush i.e a  clearly defined outline is better than the roughly described one.


If we consider the area of instructors, we’ll see that Crypto Academy has more instructors than Rocketfuel crypto.

Rocketfuel has only Jeff Wang, it’s founder and Robert Kiyosaki, a co-founder though they also invite other crypto influencers to grace their platforms often.

On the other hand, Crypto Academy has a total of 8 instructors including Pompliano which makes it better in this aspect.

Free trial

Most times, even after reading tons of reviews we might still remain in contemplating mode.

Not because we’re too indecisive or scared but because we are human and we think before doing things

In cases like this, a free trial might be the perfect thing that calls us to action. Since we know we can have a taste of the pie before paying, that makes our decision easier.

Rocketfuel crypto beats Crypto Academy in this case, they have a 7 free day trial.


The following are some frequently asked questions that have been answered by Anthony Pompliano.

How long do I have access to this course?

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the course’s materials even after the course ends. This includes access to the Slack community, all of the course resources, and the workshop recordings!

Will I still be able to watch the live session if I missed it?

Yes, they record every workshop and make it available for you to replay at your convenience. However, we strongly recommend that you participate live whenever possible so you can ask questions directly to Pomp and participate in the breakout discussions.

Are there still roles in the industry?

There are still many open roles, and a significant portion of the open roles do not require a technical background.

This training program has helped students land jobs at Strike, Coinbase, BTC Inc, Anchorage, Kraken, BlockFi, Cash App, Celsius, Gemini, OpenSea, and more!

I work full time, will I have time to take this course?

According to him:

Yes! This course was built for full-time professionals. Pomp will lead two, hour-long Zoom workshops per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM EDT.

Outside of that, expect curated reading, projects, and virtual events to meet your fellow peers. There will also be discussion groups at various times throughout the week, where you can dive deeper into concepts from the workshops.

In total, you’ll commit 3-8 hours a week on this course

Wrapping Up

Your decision counts the most!!

No matter how hard we try to help you make the right decision, your part is still the most important.

You own the decision rights so the final answer lies in you NOT US!

Still, struggling for the right decision?

Listen to your heart, go for what you know your heart will agree to.

Cause happiness lies in the heart

Wish you the best of luck!

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