Jeff Wang RocketFuel Crypto Reviews (2022)

Every day, more people keep diving into the crypto pool with the aim of making a fortune.

Unfortunately, not all of them end up with a good catch.

Some of them leave the way they came, others leave the pool empty-handed.

Due to this, expert fishermen have come up with different series of lessons to help reduce the rate at which people leave the pool empty-handed.

These lessons are compiled into e-books, courses, and even tools and they are modified to help empower people with the knowledge required to make a good catch.

One of these lessons includes the “Rocketfuel crypto course” which is a perfect example.

Under the lead of Jeff Wang, a crypto expert, and Robert Kiyosaki, a financial educator, Rocketfuel is flourishing with unending guests.

In fact, if we were to really talk about it, they are one of the best you could find out there.

In this article, I will share with you a detailed review of Rocket Fuel crypto including their pricing and plans.

And I will also be giving you some extra stuff you could gain from.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Overview of RocketFuel Crypto

rocketfuel crypto review

Rocketfuel Crypto is a platform created to enlighten people about the basic things in Blockchain technology and also to teach, instruct, and direct people in their crypto journey.

Simply put, they help reduce the stress and the time it takes to learn everything all by yourself.

One good thing to note about Rocketfuel crypto is that they have connections with many crypto experts that they usually invite and so you don’t only learn from their teams but also from other experts.

Rocketfuel crypto has grown from having zero users to having thousands of members.

Presently, they are estimated to have about 10,000+ students and they’re recognized and well known in the crypto space.

Jeff Wang – RocketFuel Crypto Instructor

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang is a 46-year-old crypto tech expert and is also the founder of Rocketfuel Crypto which he runs together with Robert Kiyosaki, a financial educator.

He is a crypto expert with a vast understanding of cryptocurrencies, their implications, their advantages, and revolution generally in the currency world.

He’s out there doing his best to explain to people why they should also dive into the crypto pool.

He tries to explain how crypto is dominating the world now, and how fiat currencies are paling in comparison to crypto.

He adopts a beginner approach as he explains the basics of crypto to people.

He is also the director of China Learning Initiatives at Asia Society, where he leads a team to create programs that catalyze understanding, communication, and collaboration among young people and future leaders in the U.S. and China

RocketFuel Crypto Education Outline

Rocketfuel Crypto have drafted an outline for their users and it is mainly divided into three.

They titled it “the three pillars for crypto mastery”.

They founded Rocketfuel Crypto to educate everyone on the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Basically, you don’t need to be a tech expert to understand and participate in this space.

They designed their program to provide all the information, skills, and support needed for anyone to master crypto.

Their three pillars include:


Education is the foundation of any program and Rocketfuel Crypto seems to understand this.

They take you on a journey as you both shuttle through lesson videos and helpful tips tailored just for you.

They Introduce basic concepts and terminologies in simple terms for you.

After learning the basics, you can proceed to learn more complex and advanced topics later at your pace.

This means you can still sign up even if you want to run it as a  part-timer.


After education, the next thing is analysis.

“Analysis” is highly required in learning.

With analysis, you can understand complex stuff better because it is a practical type of learning.

Analysis is critical to successful crypto investing and you should not be left out in this because it will help out a lot.

Through their weekly videos and monthly newsletters, they provide analysis of various coins and teach you how to analyze crypto projects yourself.

They also analyze prices of different cryptocurrencies and so you are updated on the price of each currency.


The backbone of every successful venture is community.

What you cannot learn with practice and theory, you can learn that in a community of similar-minded people.

Read what they said about community:

“Community is what separates us from the rest. We’ve cultivated a Telegram community of thoughtful, supportive, and passionate crypto enthusiasts to help you on your crypto journey.”

As a user, you have access to their  24/7 telegram chat where you can discuss with crypto investors from all around the world.

Extras and Bonuses

RocketFuel Crypto Community

About the Rocketfuel crypto community, it’s really worth it!

Here, I am going to share some of the things I believe you will gain if you join their community:

1 Network of friends

As a crypto investor, you need to have friends of similar minds that you’ll share things with and discuss things pertaining to crypto.

And for that, they have you covered properly.

In their community, you’ll meet other top crypto enthusiasts and other similar-minded people.

From there, you can even learn other things and make good connections and network of friends.

2 Hearing news earlier than others.

Conversations pertaining to cryptocurrency and related things will often pop up in their community platform.

And you’ll be one step ahead of people who are not in any community.

And I suppose you know that opportunities are time-bound and getting hold of helpful information early is of great benefit to you.

3 Group learning

Heck! What do I mean by that?

Being on their platform gives you the opportunity to be involved in discussions that are of importance to your investing career.

And from there, you can share what you know and also learn from others.

This especially will give you more confidence in what you already know.


On Rocketfuel crypto, they host interviews once in a while which will benefit you a lot.

They invite crypto experts who teach you the mains of crypto and by listening to crypto experts time and time again, you eventually become one yourself.

In quote, it will reduce the time it takes for you to become an expert if you’re doing it all by yourself.


On a regular basis, the Rocketfuel team posts video lessons and tutorials for you to see and learn from.

On their main site,, you’ll find a long list of things that you’ll learn from them.

And in this article, I have compiled some of those things.

 What you’ll learn inside the RocketFuel Crypto community.

1 Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

The Best way to learn something is to start from its fundamentals.

On Rocketfuel crypto, you’ll be taught the basics of crypto.

You’ll also be introduced to the language of cryptocurrencies as well as a simple overview of the important concepts.

2 Industry Leading Interviews

One of the major benefits of being a part of the Rocketfuel Crypto community is having access to crypto experts, investors, and leaders sharing what’s relevant today and preparing us for the future.

3 Blockchain Technology

They’ll demystify Blockchain by providing a simple framework of what it is, how it works, and why it is important.

No tech background needed.

4  Cryptocurrency Investing

In their “cryptocurrency investing series”, you’ll learn how to start investing in crypto, what to look for, how to read the market, what mistakes to avoid, and how to actually find winning crypto coins before everyone else..

5 App & Software Tutorials

At times, crypto tools can be a little confusing.

Because of this, they decided to create simple-to-follow tutorials that’ll successfully walk you through each step, start to finish with everything you need to know.

Note: There is a Beginners group, an Advanced group, and an information-only broadcast channel.

Friendly user interface

One of their major pros is their friendly user interface.

Someone with little to no knowledge about tech can easily navigate through their site which is good news.

You just have to click on the videos to watch them and you can also pause them when you want.

You also have a search box at the top of your screen which is handy if you’re looking for a topic.

Poorly organized videos

Their major con is that their videos are poorly organized.

They are only divided into two headings which is:

#Beginners group and

#Advanced group

But compared to the massive information that they still contain overall, this is almost neglected.


At first,  lessons about NFTS seemed to be absent from their video lessons.

And NFTs which are considered to be hot potatoes in the crypto world presently should not be absent from their package.

So because of that, we did some further investigations and found out that:

  • They have a Telegram group specifically for NFTs.


  • They also discuss NFTs on weekly video lessons and monthly newsletters.


  • There are also plans to add NFTs to the course video section as well.

RocketFuel Crypto Price – How Much Does RocketFuel Crypto Cost?

You might be wondering?

After all, Rocketfuel crypto has a lot of benefits. So it must be very expensive.

No, not at all!

Though Rocketfuel is packed with mind-blowing benefits, it is still considerate.

Their quality is one of the best out there yet they still offer all these services at a moderate price.

The price you are required to pay each month is just $47 only.

Rocketfuel crypto has a 7-day free trial and so you have seven free days to learn without paying anything.

Not many agencies do this.

Immediately after your 7 day free trial, your account will be billed $47 automatically for the first month and your account will continue to auto-renew itself.

Also, they have an auto-renew cancellation policy, so you don’t have to be afraid that you can’t stop it.

You’ll be given full 30 days to cancel the auto-renew plan after your first auto-renew.

And if you feel you’ve learned all you need to learn in the first month, then you can as well bid your farewell to them.

RocketFuel Crypto Reviews – What others are saying

There are thousands of users on rocketfuel crypto and after having a taste of their service, some people take it upon themselves to leave a review for others to see.

From our research, what we’ve been seeing so far are good reviews about them.

We’ve not come across any negative reviews so far but as we all know that there will always be a negative review no matter how good a tool is.

But we should note that even if a negative review did exist, it is to a negligible amount and you don’t need to bother yourself about them.

Also, the fact that they offer a 7 free day trial should be an additional guarantee for you to try them out yourself and see if they’re really worth it or not.

Some of the reviews we’ve seen include:

“I Made More in 30 Days”

  • “I made more in 30 days from Jeff’s Crypto tips than I’ve ever made in my other investments, and it’s been ever-growing since. Thank you so much Jeff and Robert for everything you do for this industry. I appreciate you both so much! – Kenneth.

“Like a Weight Has Lifted”

  • “Finally! After countless Youtube videos and feeling overwhelmed with information, it was amazing to learn from Jeff and his knowledge. I now feel confident in my investing abilities and it’s like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.” – Hannah.

FAQs about RocketFuel Crypto

How do I get Rocketfuel crypto?

Here on our site, you will get a link that’ll direct you to where you can get it.

What is the best blockchain for crypto?

The answer to this question is a little bit tricky as it does not have a single answer.

To know the best cryptocurrency to invest in, you’ll need to take your time to check charts and analysis of prices of these cryptos.

Most times, the best crypto to invest in are the most popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum while at times, the best ones are the shitcoins with future potentials.

“Shitcoins” are unpopular cryptocurrencies like EGC (Evergrow coin).

In quote, the best thing is to:

  • Seek the advice of experts who know the times and seasons.
  • Or become one yourself.

What are crypto trolls?

Wondering what crypto trolls are?

Maybe, you’ve even searched on Google and you probably did not get a satisfying answer!

Well, crypto trolls are the same thing as NFT.

NFT stands for “Non fungible tokens”.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are all fungible tokens which means their value equals each other. E.g. I BTC = another BTC.

But I NFT does not equal another, each one of them is distinct and cannot be compared in terms of value to each other.

NFTs are a great piece of wonderment. They are always in different forms of arts, e.g lion, cat, human etc. It is impossible to replicate them because each one of them has a unique signature.

One NFT today can equal $50 and tomorrow its price jumps to $1000.

So they are really great stuff to invest in and they are also like a sub-invention that crypto has brought.

What is the best speculative cryptocurrency?

Before we jump into the answer, let’s know what a speculative currency is.

Speculative cryptocurrencies are those currencies with very high risk and hence a high return.

As we know, a higher risk, a higher return on investment.

An investment involving higher-than-normal risk in order to obtain a higher-than-normal return.

Examples include:




Binance coin (BNB)

Sushi (SUSHI)

Disclaimer: Information on these sites should not be perceived as investing advice.

No matter what, you should always make sure that you invest what you can afford to lose

As we all know that despite how lucrative cryptocurrency can be, they’re still the same volatile assets.

You can become an expert yourself today by signing up on Rocketfuel crypto here.

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