Review (2023) – is AlgoPro Trading a Scam?

Algopro may have positioned itself as a revolutionary trading bot. However, from my research and experience with the product, I’ve found loads of limitations that prevent traders from reaching their full potential with it.

In this Algopro review, I’ll unveil everything I’ve found about the product and why I think it’s a scam.

I’ll also go into detail about what it is, how it works, the pros and cons, and why I think you should opt for other proven trading products on the market.

In the end, you should be able to make a decision to stay away from the product.  


I do not recommend the Algopro trading signal tool. I believe it’s overhyped and does not deliver on its claims.

Some people may claim this tool works for them. However, from my findings and experience, I can only say that most of those reviews are fake.

Instead, I recommend Elite Signals. Elite Signals has one of the biggest trading communities and the most advanced stand-alone indicator. It has been tried and tested. Plus there are positive reviews you can count on.

Overview of is a comprehensive trading tool and an indicator that promises to help traders simplify the trading process. 

It integrates with the Tradingview platform to deliver bot-generated signals, which allow traders to make trading decisions in real time.

Unlike most automated trading tools, Algopro is basically a collection of scripts that analyses charts and provides feedback to traders based on various data points taken from the chart. 

The aim is to create a collection of smart trading tools that makes it easy for traders to close the losing trade within a shorter time and keep winning positions over longer periods.

Algopro does not perform automated trading on its own. However, it integrates well with other automated trading systems like 3commas. It’s designed to analyze all assets on the Tradingview platform and uses real-time data to deliver trading signals across all devices.

Features of

The Algopro product is a suite of several signal and indicator tools that analyze real-time data. According to the website, it comes with over 30 indicators.

The product features 11 scripts, each analyzing different data points to deliver unique signals and functions to traders. Below is a brief highlight of some of the most popular scripts in the Algopro trading tool. There are still several other tools in the collection, however, the ones listed below are some of the most used.

AlgoPro V1

The V1 delivers signals by analyzing trend confluence signals and moving averages. The aim is to provide traders with accurate and strong bullish and bearish signals. Some of the signals you’ll get from the Algopro V1 include the Buy / Sell Signals, take profit alert, and support/resistance zone.

AlgoPro V2 

The V2 indicator is designed for swing traders. It is designed to monitor reversals and swings in the market.

Algopro V3

The V3 is targeted toward measuring price actions. Its functions are similar to V2 however, it works more with data from high volume and price momentum.  

Algopro V3 provides signals in bright and dime colors. Users view the signal in a complementary chart that also moves as the price point on the trading view charts changes. 

The moment the color changes from light to dime, prices are about to go up on the charts. According to users, it works best for stocks and options. 

AlgoPro Dashboard

Algopro offers this tool that’s aimed at helping traders get a detailed overview of any asset in the market. 

The dashboard deviates from the regular combination of tools on the chart to an all-in-one tool with a more comprehensive analysis for bullish and bearish signals.

Algopro Scalper

The scalper is the most controversial offering of Algopro. It promises to generate a consistent profit of up to 30% via high-volume to low-risk stock and cryptocurrency trading in any time frame.

How It works

The product is remotely integrated into the Tadingview interface. The process starts with the product purchase. Right now the only plan available on A Gopro is the Lifetime access plan.

Once users complete the payment, they get an email inviting them to join the VIP membership. You’re required to complete the VIP form, which includes your Tradingview details.

After that, you get all the indicators and tools integrated into your invite-only script within the tradingview in the drop-down menu. Users then need to include the indicators in their favourites for future use.

Once it’s set up you can launch any indicator and use it on the Trade View chart in real time. It also allows users to launch multiple indicators at the same time.

Some of the things you’ll find within the invite-only menu include

  • Algopro bull bot
  • Algopro dashboard
  • Algopro forex suite
  • Algopro scalper bot
  •  Algopro scalper bot v2
  • Algopro trend SR
  • Algopro V1
  • Algopro V1.2
  •  Algopro V3
  • Algopro Volume SR
  • Algopro Volume strength

Founders of

The first red flag I noticed when researching the platform is the absence of founders’ information. 

Many of the successful platforms, apps, and products worldwide prefer to showcase their achievements and celebrate their founders. However, both the website and social media handles do not refer to the founders of the platform.

Even though it appears like a trivial oversight, the scanty information about the founders shows an unwillingness to provide accountability for the product.  

Trading Time Frame accuracy

Algopro product page promises that the trading signals work effectively across all time frames. Surprisingly, feedback from users seems to say otherwise. 

Some users, like the one featured below, seem to have different opinions. You may have to tweak the timeframe to get some level of accuracy that works for you.

 Trading Automation

I’ve mentioned this before and it’s worth mentioning again. One of the most obvious marketing messages used by Algopro is that the tool is a trading bot for traders.

This message may drag beginners like me into believing that this tool would simplify the trading process. However, the fact remains that Algopro cannot trade independently.

It depends on other trading automation tools to achieve automated trading results. Surprisingly, I’ve found little feedback about the effectiveness of A Gopro third-party integration.

Social Media Update 

Another red flag to note is the scarcely updated social media platforms, except the Facebook page.

We can assume that the Facebook page enjoys regular updates as a result of ad placement. 

To put it in context, the people behind the Algopro product have done a good job of hiding their identity from the users and buyers of the product.

Customer service

Several users of the Algopro signal tools and indicators have complained about the time it takes to get a response to any inquiry sent to customer service. Sometimes it takes up to a week or more to get a reply to any message sent to them

Refund Policy

The refund period is within 48 hours of purchase. After that period any request for a refund will be declined. This is another major red flag I found with the product.

Considering the time it takes to get a response from the customer service unit, there is a guarantee that no one will get a refund. Once you purchase the product, you’re stuck with it; even if you’re not satisfied with what you got.

Automated Trading

Investing in trading tools means you want the ease of bots trading for you. You’ll be surprised to find out that Algopro does not have autonomous trading capabilities. You’ll have to integrate the tools with a third-party app to get the trading done for you.

Scanty User 

Algopro claims to have over 15 years of trading experience and it has a user base of not more than 10000. 

The small number of users says a lot about how the product delivers on its promises. The product has enjoyed little adoption among traders and this says a lot about its credibility.

Limited Third-party Endorsements

Just like its adoption, another red flag you may want to notice is the scanty media coverage it has.

Being an established brand of its magnitude, with over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Algopro should have some amount of media coverage and reference. But, it has almost none.

Algopro Scalper

I consider the scalping tool to be another big red flag, with the promise of up to 100% returns monthly. 

No user has come forwards to reveal that they’ve achieved such magnitude of success with the scalping scripts. 

Besides, the Algopro bot does not have autonomous trading capability which makes it dependent on a third-party trading tool. Making such a promise is unrealistic.

How much does it cost? only offers a lifetime plan, which costs a total of $1099.  With a one-time payment, subscribers get full access to all the tools in the Algopro suite.

Discount offers available

AlgoPro lifetime plan comes with a coupon (Flash80) entering this coupon code cuts off 80% of the total cost of purchasing the lifetime plan. The final price after applying the coupon as of the time of this writing is $220.

Student Results

Surprisingly, you’ll hardly find any Algopro platform where students can interact and provide feedback.  

Students’ results with the Algopro trading tools have been inconsistent. While some students claim it works for them, some report several challenges they face with the product.

Judging from the comments of users who’ve given Algopro positive feedback, one can easily deduce that these people could achieve the results they claim without the help of the product.

While researching the product, I only found a few user reviews and feedback on the Algopro Facebook page and discord platform. Let’s check some of the comments users shared about the product.

Delayed response after payment

Otis Benard from Facebook also left a comment complaining about Algopro’s negligence. The surprising part is that the platform didn’t respond to his comment either. 

The only response was from another student who also complained about experiencing a similar delayed response.

Integration with other trading platforms

Users have also complained about the inability to use the tool with other trading platforms. However, Algopro claims that it’s possible. I’m yet to find comments from students who’ve done that successfully.

Users are getting timeframe errors 

James Nash who left a comment on the Facebook page recorded the need to tweak the tool before arriving at a perfect timeframe for his trading needs. 

Ordinarily, a beginner will fall victim to such errors and probably lose money from such.

Users also complained about the learning curve

Comments from users also show that the tool comes with its learning curve. Apart from the time it takes to master your trading technique, users may need to invest another plethora of time learning how to use the tool.

Pros of 

  • It’s easy to integrate because all the process is completed by the platform
  • Comes with an 80% discount
  • Works well with mobile

Cons of 👎

  • Not ideal for beginners 
  • Designed to work with Tradingview and not well-optimized for other platforms
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor automation process
  • Higher learning curve

Are the signals from Algopro reliable? 

You shouldn’t expect any special advantage from using the Algopro signals. Right there on the product page, you’ll find where it’s said that the tools only work well with the personal skills of the trader. 

Likewise, most demos you’ll find online tutorials are more guesswork than an effective analysis that generates consistent results.

If you’re looking for tools that give you an advantage in your analysis, Algopro may not be the best option because you still need to.

 Is it recommended?

I do not recommend the Algopro trading signal tool. I believe it’s overhyped and does not deliver on its claims.

Some people may claim this tool works for them. However, from my findings and experience, I can only say that anyone could do what the tool does without the help of a bot or AI.

As a user, you’ll get the tools delivered to your Tradingview interface, but you may be surprised that you’ve invested in a tool you don’t need after all.

The essence of any trading tool is to get signals that save you the time spent on analysis. When your tool requires you to still spend hours haggling over the chart, it becomes of no value.

Also, buying a faceless product with poorly managed customer service puts you at more risk than profit.


While I’m a fan of trading mastery, I still believe that traders can benefit immensely from using trading bots. However, is not the kind of trading bot I would like to recommend because an averagely skilled trader would perform much better than the bot. 

Also, the product’s downside far outweighs its upside. Another reason why I’ll advise anyone to ignore the tool is the promise of an all-encompassing tool that works on all Tradingview libraries. 

You may already have noticed that Algopro trading products overpromising and delivers much below expectation. I believe these promises are unrealistic. The claims are too good to be true, and indeed they are. 

If you wonder what algorithmic trading tool I recommend, it is Elite Signals. You can give it a trial. It is a tested platform.

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