How to sell Dogecoin on Binance

How to sell Dogecoin on Binance

There are a lot of people out there looking for how to sell their Dogecoin


If you’re also one of them then you don’t need to be worked up.


Your investments are not wasted and you can still get your money back


Briefly, let me.give show a preview of what we are going to learn today:


  • What is Dogecoin (DOGE) ?


  • A guide on how to sell Dogecoin on Binance


  • Some frequently asked questions


Without wasting time, let’s dive in.

What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Dogecoin is a crypto coin just like BNB, it has an abbreviation of DOGE and it is listed on Binance.


It was created in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus who created it to make fun of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


The coin started getting popularity and fame as more people began trading it.


Today, it is the tenth most popular crypto currency by market cap.


With a circulating supply of about 132.67Billion, it has a market cap of $10.64Billion.




Dogecoin uses a proof-of-work (POW) consensus similar to the one used in Litecoin.


And so it is very secure.


The Proof-of-work mechanism enables DOGE transactions to be fast and done at low rates, this is also part of why it was embraced.


Dogecoin has a lot of trading options, though not up to Bitcoin and the top notch coins but at least more than most cryptocurrencies.

A guide on how to sell Dogecoin on Binance

There are several ways you can go about selling your Dogecoin, I will discuss some of them in this article.


All you are required to do is to follow me carefully.


Let’s dive in.

How to sell Dogecoin on Binance lite via p2p

As we have said earlier, there are different ways to go about selling your Dogecoin, the first one that we’ll be treating is how to buy DOGE through p2p.


If you are ready, then this is it.

Step 1: Open the Binance app

Open the Binance app, or go to their website whichever one you’re using.


Enter your username and your password to successfully log in to your account

Step 2: Click on “sell”

Look for “trade” and click on it before you click on “sell”


The trade button is the center button in the app, click on it, then on “sell”.


Note: Make sure that you have complete the identity verification process as as not to face any obstruction in your transaction

Step 3: Choose “Dogecoin” as the coin you want to sell

After clicking on sell, you’ll see a long list of coins and tokens listed for you to choose from.


Look for “Dogecoin”  and click on it. Then select the fiat currency that you are willing to receive in exchange for your Dogecoin.


In this example, we are using GBP (gray British pounds). Thereafter, enter the amount of Dogecoin that you’re willing to sell.

Step 4: Choose your withdrawal method

After filling in the quantity of Dogecoin that you’re willing to sell, choose your preferred method of withdrawal.


There are many methods of withdrawal, be it P2P, card e.t.c


For this example, we’re using the P2P method, therefore select p2p then bank transfer, which means that you are planning to sell your Dogecoin via p2p trading and collect your money via a bank transfer.


Note: These selections were made randomly,  you should choose whatever is convenient for you when you are doing yours.


Also if your card has not been added as a withdrawal method yet, click on add new card to add your card as a method.

Step 5: Confirm the sell order

You have now successfully generated a (Sell Dogecoin) order.


Your status will now change to Pending payment. Please check your bank account to see if the money had entered so you can confirm your receipt of the buyer’s funds

Click on “confirm receipt” and Binance will automatically release your Dogecoin To the buyer.


Note: If you have not received the money after waiting, do not confirm  so that you will not lose your coin.


Rather click on appeal so that Binance could intervene to help your trade proceed smoothly.


How to sell Dogecoin via Binance convert

We have just finished treating the first method, this is the second method we prepared.


It is also as simple as the first one, all you need to do is to follow carefully and I know you’ll gain something


Without wasting time, let’s find out!


Step 0: Transfer you funds

If your Dogecoin is already on your Binance wallet, then skip this step to step 1.


If your Dogecoin is on an external wallet (e.g Trust wallet), then endeavor to send it to your wallet first before you start this guide.


You can do so by clicking on Dogecoin on the homepage, then clicking on deposit.


After copying the address of Dogecoin on your Binance account, paste it in the recipient’s address as required on the send  page of your external wallet.


Make sure that the network you used to copy the address is the same as the one you used for your wallet .


Click send and your money should reflect immediately.


Step 1: Open the Binance app

Enter your username and your password to log in successfully into your Binance account.


Note: Complete the identity verification process if you have not done it yet. You’ll be able to use the full potential of Binance once you do it


Step 2: Click on “convert”

Click on the center button located at the bottom of the page in the app and you’ll see some options popping up.


Click on “convert”


Step 3: Choose the coin that you want to convert

After clicking on convert, click on Dogecoin as the coin you want to convert.


About the fiat currency you want to get, there are a handful of them that you can get from DOGE.


For example, you can get GBP (pound sterling), EIR (Euro) and even some stablecoins like BUSD and USDT from Dogecoin.


Step 4: Enter the amount

You can choose to fill in the quantity based on the pound sterling that you wish to get or based on the DOGE that you are willing to convert.


Click on “preview conversionto know the amount of GBP that you are going to get.


Then click on “convert”


Step 5: Confirm the transaction

After clicking on convert, click on “confirm” so that the conversion can be successful.


Once it is successful, go back to wallets and click fiat and spot.


Click on withdraw on your GBP wallet. Enter the amount to withdraw and click “continue”.


Choose your preferred method of withdrawal and continue


Confirm the withdrawal and your money should reflect in your bank account.


Note: You can manipulate this method and use it the way it appeals to you.

You can decide to first convert your Dogecoin into BTC before you convert your BTC into cash.


Below are some frequently asked questions

How much is one DOGE?

According to Binance live price data, the price of one Dogecoin is $0.0801953 due to an increase in price of about +0.12% which was experienced in the last 24 hours.


With a circulating supply of about 132.67Billion, it has a market cap of $10.64Billion.


You can use the above link to navigate to check the current live price.

Where can I buy Dogecoin?

If you want to purchase Dogecoin, there are a handful of platforms that you can use.


But you must be very careful so that you won’t lose, as we should remember that not all trading platforms are safe as you may think


Nevertheless, the following are some of the best exchanges for purchasing Dogecoin:


1 Kraken


2 Binance


3 Coinbase


4 Robinhood


5 BC Bitcoin

What is p2p trading?

P2p trading is an acronym for peer-peer-trading.


It implies a trading between users of a particular exchange platform.


P2p   is  free  on  some  .exchange platforms like Binance where it does not come with any transaction fees while some other exchanges still collect transaction fees.


P2p trading is not advisable for beginners who are just starting out with crypto.


It is suitable for those who have some experience already in the crypto space


As you can imagine, all p2p entails transacting between friends and peers.


In p2p trading, a user can sell his coin at his preferred price which means he can even sell his coin at a price lower than the market price.


So it is really great and that’s why some people still make use of it despite having other withdrawal options.


DISCLAIMER: No information on this site should be perceived as investing advice


No matter what, you should always invest only what you can afford to lose


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