Roger Ver Net Worth, Background, and Bitcoin Story

Are you a fan of cryptocurrency?

If yes, you should have thought about finding an expert that knows a lot about crypto to follow and learn  from.

Well, there are  a lot of experts in the industry that you can learn from including the famous “Roger Ver” who is one of the most influential set of people that started the investment early and have acquired a lot from Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin Jesus”, is this name familiar to you? 

Roger ver earned this name”Bitcoin Jesus” because  of his controversial way of advertising which in actual sense has helped the crypto grow.

Along the line, he has made hundreds of millions of dollars from crypto currency, his net worth is around $430 million

Talking about his biography, early life, education, career, personal life, wife, house, website, past life, net worth, companies, awards, this article covers all the aspects mentioned above.

Let’s dive in.

Who is Roger Ver?

Roger Ver

Roger ver is a crypto currency influencer, investor, entrepreneur and CEO of

Roger ver is known to be a strong supporter and promoter of bitcoin right from the early days of bitcoin when it was first established.  

His controversial way of advertising has earned him the title of “bitcoin evangelist” or “Bitcoin Jesus”.

Before we dig more into his biography, let’s go through his profile.


Roger’s full name: Roger Keith Ver

Date of birth: 22nd of January, 1979

Roger’s age: 42 years old as of 2021

Education:De Anza College, a community college located in Cupertino, California, USA.

Origin(Nationality):American, Kittitian

Place of birth: Silicon valley, California

Height: 185m

Weight: 84kg

Net worth:$430 million

Personal life: Not married

Girlfriend; N/A

Wife: No

Children: No

Roger Ver Net Worth 

As we all know that the people who benefited the most from Bitcoin are and will always be the set of people that hanged fast on the crypto train i.e invested early when the crypto was just booming.

Roger ver has a spot in those set of people mentioned above, and that is why his name will surely come to mind, when the knowledge of crypto currency is sought.

Over the years, Roger has built a massive income from investing in Bitcoin and other Bitcoin – associated currencies.

Roger ver’s estimated net worth is around $430 million.

Roger Ver Background and Early Life

Roger Ver was born on the 22nd of January 1979 in San Jose, California but was raised in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Roger ver attended De Anza college, a community school located in Cupertino, California.  

While in college, he established “memory” which was a company that majored in selling Cisco-related memory, transceivers and computer accessories.

After the establishment of the company, he dropped out of college to focus on the business and he became the CEO of memorydealers, actively running the business for more than ten (10) years.

 Roger once tried to pursue  a business management course in college.

Roger Ver Parents and Family

Relationship – Roger Ver Girlfriend and Love Life

Not much is available in the aspect of his personal and love life.

But according to what we know, Roger is not married yet and does not have any children.

Roger Ver Career – How He Started

Roger ver has started his career as an entrepreneur right from his college days when he founded memory which sold computer hardwares, accessories and transceivers.   Serving as the CEO of the company, Roger has served for more than a decade.

Being a prominent supporter of Bitcoin, Ver implemented the use of Bitcoin in his company allowing customers to make transactions, buy and make payments  in bitcoin.   

Through this, ver was able to amass a total of 400, 000 Bitcoin, where I Bitcoin (BTC) was not even up to $1.

In his early days, Roger was involved in politics and  because of his interest in politics, Roger ran a state assembly in California under the Libertarian party.

Roger also invested in a lot of small bitcoin related startups and that actually helped those startups launch and grow. For example,.Ver investment in Charlie Shrem’s company actually made it to employ one programmer and a designer.

Roger ver was an early investor in a lot of cryptocurrencies like Bit play, Kraken, and Ripple.

Ver created which was a store that has thousands of goods yet permitting customers to buy and pay money for goods in Bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

His continuous and tireless effort  of promoting Bitcoin has brought Bitcoin to where it is today.

He served as CEO until August, 2019 before leaving the position and stepping backwards a little bit from the affairs of the company by becoming the executive chairman.

In 2005, he founded, a company that focuses on selling fibre optics transceivers which is mostly used in telecommunication companies.

The company was actually a success, becoming one of the most successful stores that sold optics transceivers, having loyal customers all over the world.   

Ver’s change of mind

Roger ver has always ve known by people all over the world and “Bitcoin Jesus” or “Bitcoin evangelist” because of his controversial way of advertising.

And Roger ver has relentlessly been trying to emphasize the importance of Bitcoin to the society at large.

But in the course of this years, Ver had a change of mind.

In an interview, he said bitcoin had  lost the vakur it was initially created to provide.  

He said this in an interview, 

Right now, today, as we’re recording this, more people are going to transact on the Bitcoin Cash network than on Bitcoin.”

Presently, Ver has been actively promoting Butxiin cash and clearly sees Bitcoin cash as a better option to Bitcoin.

Roger Ver Story of Being Tortured in Prison

Aside from his success story, Ver also has another part in his life.

While he was growing up, Ver violated the rules by selling explosives without license on eBay, a shopping website and this crime actually made him go to prison.

After pleading guilty to the charge laid against him, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison in 2005.

After leaving the prison, Roger relocated to Japan.

In the year 2014, ver renounced his United States citizenship after obtaining Nevis and Saint Kitts citizenship certificate.  Saint Kitts and Nevis, a dual-island nation located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Ver was able to accomplish this because of a rule that was passed in Nevis and Saint Kitts stating that you can become a citizen of their country as long as you invest your money in their country in the aspect of real estate business, which Roger ver did.

According to him, he was able to become a citizen of the country because he invested part of his Bitcoin in real estate.  

After obtaining citizenship, He further attempted to establish a real estate company that allows customers to pay in Bitcoin, he also worked effortlessly, hosting meetings  to create awareness about Bitcoin.

In 2015, Ver’s effort to re-enter the United States, his hometown, was to no avail and yielded no results.

He was denied entry into the USA by the US embassy at Barbados over concerns that he wouldn’t leave after entering the country.

However Ver’s dream of entering the US again was granted in the year 2016 where he was to give a speech at a conference held at Denver, Colorado.

In 3019 also, he was denied entry into Australia.

Meanwhile,Ver has interest in the Brazilian jiu-Jitsu, a type of martial arts mainly practiced in Brazil.

He has participated in the Brazilian jiu-Jitsu competition for championship before and had even earned a brown belt.  

Roger Ver Investments

Roger ver started his investment in crypto currencies in 2011 which was also when the crypto was still in its infant stage.  

Roger heard about bitcoin in 2011 and has started his investment since then.  His first investment was in BitInstant, Charles Shrem’s company which made them employ a programmer and a designer.   

He continued his investment in other crypto currency related startups, investing a total of $1 million dollars in companies like kraken, Bit play, and Ripple.

The price of Roger ver’s bitcoin holdings from 2011 had skyrocketed now in 2019. 

From $25,000when he had initially bought them in 2011 till 2019, the price is now $179 million.

Roger became one of the five founding members of Bitcoin and since then has been tirelessly promoting Bitcoin in public places and even on social media handles, advising and encouraging people to also invest in Bitcoin.

His first company Memorydealers, which majored in selling hardwares and accessories became the first company to accept Bitcoin as payment.  He also implemented this rule in “Bitcoinstore. com”  another website which he owns thereby allowing customers to purchase thousands of goods and pay in Bitcoin.

This privilege  undoubtedly stimulated Bitcoin”s growth and triggered many people to give bitcoin a try since they can order goods with their Bitcoin stocks. 

Roger ver had hosted numerous meetings and conferences for the purpose of spreading the news about Bitcoin.

Little wonder why he is called “Bitcoin evangelist*.

Facts about Roger Ver

Are you interested in some facts about Roger Ver.  

Below are some facts about Roger Ver that you will rarely find appearing on a page together:

Roger Ver had reaped a bountiful harvest from his investment in Bitcoin and his net worth ranges from $430 millions to $550 millions 

Roger is an individualist, a peace advocate, a voluntarism advocate, an investor and entrepreneur.

Roger established memory dealers while he was in College. Being only nineteen years old, Ver was able to work his way up, making memory dealers a success.

Memorydealers was established in 1999.

In 2002, Roger ver was sentenced to a ten month imprisonment because he sold explosives on eBay without a permit to do so.  

In 2005, He established Agilestar, a company that sold Optics transceivers which was also a success. 

In 2015,.Roger Ver was denied entry into the US which was his hometown.

Roger was permitted to re-enter the United States in 2016 which was when he gave a speech at a conference held at Colorada in the USA.

In 2019, Ver was not permitted to enter Australia despite his interest in Brazilian jiu-Jitsu.

Roger had won a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-Jitsu.

Roger Ver Social Media Handles – Where to Find Him

You have gone through a lot before getting to this section of this article.

You have decided your final move and you are not going back on your words.

Now all you need to know is Ver’s contact info and you will ring his phone with your messages  immediately right?

Just kidding.

If you want to get crypto advice and tips from the Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, these are some of his official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram through which you can access his content.

Roger Ver Facebook

USER NAME:Roger Ver 

Roger Ver Instagram

Roger Ver (One Account Only!) – Instagram

Roger Ver Twitter

Roger Ver (@rogerkver) | Twitter

Roger Ver LinkedIn

Roger Ver – CEO – | LinkedIn

Awards and donations

Roger Ver had earned a lot of awards and recognitions from people and organisations.

He often makes successful people who has made a fortune out of Bitcoin.

He also made Five most successful bitcoin holders alongside people like Charles Shrem and Eric, the youngest most successful Bitcoin investor.

Roger has also involved himself in donations towards the exininyof he nation.

Roger Ver donated a total of $2,000,000 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to support “Foundation for economic work” in  educating students around  the world on the moral and economic foundations of a free society.

The laptops were purchased with Bitcoin cash.

Roger Ver Donates 1000 Laptops, Copies of Economics in One Lesson, to Students in Antigua

Ver even pronounced that each student that reads the Foundation for Economic Education’s copy of Economics in One Lesson will be entitled to $100 USD in Bitcoin Cash which they can keep or even invest it for future purposes.

FAQs on Roger Ver

How Old is Roger Ver?

There are tons of people searching for Roger Ver’s age which I will actually disclose here.

Roger was born on the 22nd of February, 1997.

As of recent in 2021, Roger ver is 42 years old.

How Much is Roger Ver Worth?

As I have said earlier, Roger ver has an estimated worth of $430 million. 

Wait a minute, did I just say estimated?

Yeah estimated because calculations on net worths can’t be 100% accurate.

Is Roger Ver Satoshi?

There has been a lot of confusion about this.   Because of the fact that Roger Ver is referred to as one of the founding members of bitcoin, people have mistaken his identity for someone else.

Roger Ver is a strong supporter, big investor and prominent marketer of Bitcoin while “Satoshi” is the true founder of Bitcoin.

True founder!, Yeah true founder.

Initially when bitcoin was first created , it was a person that invented it using the name “Satoshi”.

Since then nobody knows where this anonymous founder lives or resides.  Information about the founder’s whereabouts has been lost and that is why Bitcoin is often referred to as a decentralized currency having no specific owner.

Is Roger Ver a Gay?

A lot of people have the same opinion over this matter since they feel like “Ver is over 40 years old and yet has no future partner, isn’t it obvious that he is a gay” 

But the truth is that Roger’s opinion and orientation towards his personal life is straight.

Ver is not married and we have not received any information concerning his girlfriend’s name.

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