Adam Back Net worth, Early life and Biography.

Adam Back, a British Cryptographer and co-founder of Blockstream is one of the most successful crypto investors in the global business world.

Right from time, Adam Back has been involved with Bitcoin which was the first crypto currency that was first established.

In fact, his name was cited on the first white paper for Bitcoin which was written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the original founder of Bitcoin.   Accurately speaking, Adam was one of the two people who first received an email from Satoshi Nakamoto.

So basically, we will be looking at the biography of Adam Back, his net worth, height, weight, marital status, children, facts and FAQS about him.

Since we are all set, this is all I know about him.

Quick Profile of Adam Back

adam back

This section of this post that we are currently at is one of the most important parts of this article.

We can prove this evidence through this; “Just reading this part of the article alone gives you a lot of facts that cannot be gathered easily”.

Name: Adam Back

Popularly known as: Adam Back

Place of Birth: London, UK

Date of birth: July, 1970

Age: 51 years old.

Known for: Co-founder of Blockstream and Hashcash

Education: Obtained P.h.d in computer science at the prestigiousUniversity of Exeter.

Net Worth:

Nationality: British

Residence area: Sliema Malta

Category: Tech developer and programmer.

Height: 5 feet and Seven Inches.

Weight: Not Available

Wife: N/A

Children: N/A

Since we have seen a quick profile of Adam,.there is no need to beat around the bush again. Get your shovels ready, get your diggers ready as we will be digging into Adam Back’s Biography.

Adam Back’s Net Worth

Adan Back has been in the crypto world, investing and creating since a very long time ago around the early stage of the Crypto. This being the case, the wealth he has accumulated definitely  cannot be underestimated.

But before I disclose his Net Worth, I hope you have not forgotten that Net worths are estimated metrics and are not actually 100% accurate.

Adam’s Net worth is currently not known but after much research, we found out a little bit about his net worth

His Net worth is rumoured to be between $1m and $5m.

Adam Back Early life

Adam Back was born in the month of July, 1970 and he is 51 years old as of 2021, the year in which this article was written.

Adam was born and raised in the United Kingdom, London, he is a citizen of Great Britain.

Right from childhood, Adam has always loved computers. From his childhood, he has learned the basics of the computer and even succeeded in reversing engineering video games


Unlike many other successful crypto influencers, Adam Back is a learned person and also went to college.

There is not much information concerning his elementary education. Unfortunately he has kept information about his elementary school concealed, making it hard for us researchers to dig out his early education.

But as far as we have gathered, Adam Obtained a P.h.d level in Computer science in the prestigious University of Exeter. He also had A levels in advanced mathematics, economics, and physics.

When he was still running his P. h. d program,  Adam worked with compilers to make use of parallel computers in a semi-automated way.

How he began his career..

Adam Back started his career after he finished his education. Adam Back started his career as a consultant in start-ups and larger companies in applied cryptography ;writing cryptographic libraries, designing, reviewing,

Right from the beginning, Back has been very passionate about computers including programming, he is also a good hacker.

All of these led him to develop Hashcash, a method of countering denial of service attacks using a proof of work.

The proof of work algorithm is similar to the email anti-spam tool which attaches a stamp to mails and also a micro cost to sending mails for deterring spamming.

Hashcash was created in 1997 by Adam Back, this invention also gained recognition and was embraced by everyone.

In 1997, Adam was a pioneer of early digital asset research and he also implemented Credits (CS), a blockchain technology platform that makes the experience of crypto investors easier.

It makes the experience of its user easier by making transaction costs cheaper, reducing transaction time thereby making it faster and also improving technical networking capabilities.

Later in 2014, he co-founded Blockstream, a crypto technology which is referenced to in the first Bitcoin white paper that was written by Nakamoto Satoshi, the original but anonymous founder of Bitcoin.

As time continued,  Blockstream had some growth as well as some setbacks and failures.

In July, Blockstream had an upgrade In it’s network liquid system which allowed it to expand thereby enabling other external developers to work on it building a more robust environment around the project.

The decentralized exchange built on its liquid network was  opened for access in September.

In 2016, Financial Times cited Adam as a potential Nakamoto candidate, along with Nick Szabo and Hal Finney.

In 2020, a YouTube channel called BarelySociable claimed that Back was Satoshi Nakamoto but Back denied it.

Not only did Back deny all of those assumptions about him being Satoshi Nakamoto but he also proved many people that claimed to be Nakamoto wrong.

Craig Steven Wright had sued Adam because Adam said that Wright was not Nakamoto, with Wright subsequently dropping the suit.

Adam Back was one of the two people who first received an email from Satoshi Namamoto.

He was also the first person to describe the non-interactive forward secrecy security property for email and observe that any identity-based encryption scheme can be used to provide non-interactive forward secrecy.

Additionally, Back was a strong promoter for the use of satellites and mesh networks to broadcast and receive bitcoin transactions, as a backup for the traditional internet.

Adam is active in both Instagram and Twitter with a total of 215k followers on Twitter and 1460 followers on Instagram.

Adam Back is a co-founder and currently the Chief executive officer (CEO) of Blockstream.

Adam’s Age, Height and Weight

A lot of people are searching for Adam’s age and height and if you are one of them, you are not wrong to be on this page because I will be disclosing that here.

Adam was born in July, 1970 and he is 51 years old as of 2021.  There is not much information concerning his height and weight but from his physical appearance, he is estimated to be around 5 feets in height. His weight is not available.

Adam’s personal life and marital status

Information regarding his personal life and marital status is not known yet.

Some people says that he is married but we don’t know the name of his wife nor children so we have not confirmed it yet

But according to some of our probings and results from research, we assume that he is still single. Our research definitely still continues and if we come by any result,, we will update this post immediately

Adam’s Parent, siblings and family

The same way he was able to keep information about his relationship a secret, he also succeeded in keeping information about his family siblings and parents concealed.

But rest assured if we get any information about this, we will immediately upload this article for you to see.

Is Adam Back a gay?

Some people assumed and came to an abrupt conclusion that since he did not reveal anything about his relationship, probably he is a gay

But from his involvement over the years, we have not noticed any activity from him that resonates with this. So Adam Back’s sexual orientation is straight.

Who is Adam Back’s girlfriend?

Only God knows, since even none of his personal information managed to leak out to the public.

Information about his girlfriend or dating life is not known nor have we ever noticed a picture or post that he made concerning his girlfriend.

Therefore we are not sure concerning this but if we manage to find anything, we will update this post immediately.

Facts about Adam Back

Are you on the lookout for facts about Adam Back, then search no more. Below are  facts about Adam Back that you will not find on every site.

Adam Back is a British computer scientist and he was  born in the month of July, year 1970.

Adam Back is the co-founder and presently the CEO of Blockstream, a blockchain technology mining company

Adam Back obtained a P.h.d degree in Computer science from the University of Exeter in Britain. He also had A levels in advanced mathematics, economics, and physics.

In 2020, while talking to Bloomberg, Adam Back predicted that bitcoin will reach $300000 in the next 5 years. Additionally he said that the investments by the institutional investors will not lead to this price rise

Adam’s Net Worth is currently unknown but it is rumoured to be around $1m to $5m.

Adam Back, Blockstream co-founder and CEO blasted  Shitcoiners, saying that they are terrible at making memes and the reason for that is unclear.

He went further to say that the popular and expensive ETHRocks which sold for as high as $2.1 billion are nothing but “a low-resolution gif that has no merit.”

Adam has taken interest in computer and has even managed to learn the basics of the computer right from childhood

Adam invented Hashcash just like Wei Dau, David Chaum, Hal Finnel at that time.

Adam was one of the two people who first received an email from Satoshi Nakamoto, the original and mysterious founder of Bitcoin.

How to reach out to Adam Back, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Crypto investment is one of the most intriguing jobs as you don’t know what might happen to your investments overnight. Maybe it will rise or fall, all remains a mystery.

In this kind of unpredictable world, the best thing to do is to seek an expert and having more than one of them as an instructor is not overboard.

Since you have another name added to your list of crypto influencers to follow, I think it is ideal for you to find out how you can contact them also.

I have gathered Back’s official social media handles that you can contact him from. If you don’t mind checking it out, this is it;


Adam Back (@adam3us) | Twitter


Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) • Instagram.


Adam Back – Malta | Professional Profile | LinkedIn


adam-back Profiles | Facebook


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