How to buy BitTorrent-new (BTT) on Binance

BitTorrent-new is a new crypto coin that has just come into the industry.

And though Binance is the largest exchange platform, BTT is not listed on their platform.

So a lot of people are looking for ways through which they could purchase BTT and do this in a safe environment.

If you are also here for that, there’s no problem, we’ll sort it out.

But before we dive in, I want to answer a pressing question

Is BitTorrent the same as BitTorrent-new?

Now, this question is very tricky and I had to do a lot of research to find the answer.

Even presently, a lot of sites are still confusing themselves with the two of them

BitTorrent is a currency that has existed long ago, it was launched in 2001 and it had an abbreviation of BTTC

BitTorrent was purchased by blockchain platform TRON in July 2018 and since they bought it, BitTorrent has added several new tools including a dedicated native crypto token called BTT.

One more thing to know about BitTorrent is that it is listed on Binance while on the other hand;

BitTorrent-new is a new crypto token, it has an abbreviation of BTT and it is not listed on Binance

BTT was released in February 2019, it was launched on TRON’s own blockchain, using its TRC-10 standard.

Another major difference between the two is their price with BTTC being superior and BTT being inferior in price.

While their only similarity is that they are launched on the same blockchain network – TRON (The Real-time Operating system Nucleus).

Why BitTorrent-new?

BitTorrent-new is a crypto token that has come in different forms and surprisingly been accepted by exchanges the way they are.

Originally they started as BTTC (BitTorrent) which was launched in 2001 after that, they launched the first BTT (BitTorrent) which was listed on Binance alongside BTTC.

Recently, the TRON Blockchain network launched a new version of BTT (BitTorrent) and so because of this, they named the first one BTTOLD (which means old BitTorrent).

According to the developer community of BitTorrent, the mainnet of BTTC is to be launched on December 12, 2021 (SGT) with BTT redenomination implemented.

“Exchanges, wallets, developers, and other partners are advised to complete the redenomination and swap within 30 days (before January 12, 2022).

While maintaining its current market cap, the old BTT tokens will be redenominated and swapped with the new BTT tokens at a ratio of 1:1000. Meanwhile, the total supply of BTT tokens will be increased from 990 million to 990 billion.

The new BTT tokens will be applied in the BitTorrent Chain ecosystem which is coming live soon. The major use cases are as follows:

  • Staking on BTTC to gain rewards; participating in the governance of the BTTC community;
  • paying for gas fees as a native token of BTTC.

After the mainnet of BitTorrent Chain goes live, BTTOLD and BTT will coexist for some time.

The contracts to swap the old for the new tokens will be effected permanently and BTT users can swap at any time.

Crypto exchanges (e.g Binance) which do not yet support the redenomination can continue to support the exchange of BTTOLD which will still continue to maintain their original use cases.”

Is BitTorrent- new listed on Binance?

Anxious to know the answer? No!

BitTorrent-new is not listed on Binance for trading but regardless, there is still a way that you can employ to purchase your BitTorrent safely and securely.

And that is what I am going to show you in this article.

Stay tuned and you’ll get the most out of it.

A guide on how to buy BitTorrent on Binance

Just like some other tokens as in the case of the Evergrow coin (EGC), you may not find them on Binance but you are still able to buy them.

This is part of the reason Binance is able to maintain its position as the world’s largest trading platform till today.

Not just because of their massive listing of currencies but also because of their adaptability.

They permit you to import a lot of different tokens that are not originally listed on their exchange platform, the only “but” that comes with it is that you have to take the risk.

Without wasting further time, I present to you our guide on how to buy BTT on Binance.

It’s very easy! Are you ready, let’s dive in?

Step 1 Download a Tron Wallet

Normally, you are always given the freedom to choose whatever wallet you prefer in the crypto space, but for this transaction your wide range of options is limited


To store your BTT, you have to download a wallet that is supported by the TRON network before the purchase can be successful.

You can download the “TRON Wallet”, which is considered one of the best wallets among others in the TRON’s network.

Make sure that you are downloading their official chrome extension and mobile app by visiting their website.

Step 2: Set up your TRON wallet

If you are using Android, you can do this on their mobile app, it’s easy.

As usual, make sure to keep your seed phrase safe by writing them down because you will still need them later on.

Step 3: Buy some TRON as your base currency

Open the Binance app and input your login details to log in successfully.

Buy some TRON on the BUY/SELL page as you prepare to send them.

Step 4: Transfer the TRON you bought to your TRON wallet

After completing your purchase of TRON on Binance, go to your wallet section on Binance and look for the TRON you bought.

Click on withdraw and fill up the details, setting the network to TRON.

Accurately provide your wallet address and the amount you intend to withdraw.

Finally, click the “withdraw” button as you wait for your TRON to appear in your TRON wallet.

Step 5: Choose a decentralized app.

You have different options to choose from, just make sure that whatever DAPP you chose must support the wallet you are using.

For example, the TRON wallet is supported by Sunswap.

Step 6: Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to the Decentralized exchange you want to use by providing your wallet’s address (wallet from step 2).

Step 7: Trade for your preferred coin

After connecting your wallet to a DEX , select the coin that you want to get (BitTorrent-new) and choose TRON as your currency for the swap/payment.

If you don’t find BTT as an option, then you can also inport it by copying it’s contract address and pasting it in the box provided for the coin you want to get.

Note: Make sure you are copying the right contract address from their official website.

So that you won’t lose your money as we all know that scammers are out there brutally looking for coins to steal

Once you are done with the previous steps click on the swap button and your TRON will be successfully swapped for Bittorrent-new.


What is BitTorrent-new?

BitTorrent-new, the new version of BTT is a crypto token that was newly established from redenominating the old version (BTTOLD) and though it is not listed yet on many exchange platforms, it is being traded by people.

How can I get BitTorrent-new?

Though BTT is not officially listed on many platforms, you can get it by using a Decentralized exchange (DEX) to swap TRON for BTT.

How much is one BitTorrent- new?

As at the time we checked the price on Binance chart and news, the price of one Bittorrent-new is $ 0.0000011 which was gotten from an increase in price of about 3.63%.

But as we all know that crypto tokens are subject to inflation and deflation in price, so the price of 1 BTT a minute ago may not be its current price again.

So if you want to confirm for yourself you can use the above link to navigate to the price page on Binance.

Is BitTorrent a profitable coin?

It is said that we cannot judge a book by its cover, so we cannot really say if BTT is a good coin or not.

But from its market cap of about $ 1.06B and a 24-hour trading volume of about

$ 102.67M, we know that BTT has some fans rooting for it.

Wrapping up

Generally, for upcoming tokens like BTT, it is best for you to invest what you can afford to lose.

Expect to be tossed in the wind of both extremes because as an upcoming coin, it could suddenly crash and make investors wretched or it could soar and make early investors successful.

You have to be willing to take the risk.

Disclaimer: No information on this site should be perceived as investing advice.

Always make sure to invest what you can afford to lose. 

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