Inksnation Review (2022): Is Pinkoin (Inksnation) Legit or Scam?

It’s been over two years since I heard about Inksnation and Pinkoin. And there’s no better time to write a review about Inksnation than now.

Having been following up on this investment scheme that claims to fight poverty and help Nigerians, I can boldly say it’s something you want to avoid.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, this Inksnation review will help shine light on reasons why Pinkoin is better avoided.

On that note let’s dive in.

What is Inksnation?

Inksnation is a scheme founded by Amos Sewanu Omotade who calls himself Universal Daddy Ink. It is a scheme that claims to fight poverty and help empower people to become self-independent financially.

A scheme that claims to be human-backed and one of the first cryptocurrency which values human lives rather than robots.

And then this brings up a lot of questions and leaves the footsteps of a branded Nigerian Prince model as revealed below.

Overview of the Founder

Amos Sewanu, the founder of Inksnation has quite an interesting story. He once had a case with EFCC on the case of fraudulent transactions that took place.

While this case seems to have been settled, I dare to think that there might be some truth in the charges filed against him.

This should give you a sneaky peek into where we are heading to.

Needless to say, you know Inksnation is a scam, right?

Inksnation Blockchain and Mode of Operation

On Inksnation homepage is a video that was created to explain the mode of operation of Inksnation, but this just seem to be full of ignorant statements.

It was a repetition of saying Inksnation is build to serve humans and values human lives at $800K.

From the video, there were mentions of nodes. They claim each member of their family is a node.

Now, while all these might seem to be morally healthy (building something to help humans), business-wise or tech-wise, it doesn’t make any sense.

Just as any other business model, there has to be a model by which Inksnation is able to stay in business for long and keep providing assistance to its family (nodes as they call them).

The video didn’t mention anything close to it other than repeating the moral talks of valuing life over robots.

Also, it claims to be a cryptocurrency which it isn’t in any form. You can sell the big word “cryptocurrency” to an ignorant person but not to cryptonerd.

Lately, there has been so many fake schemes that claim to be utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain to sustain themselves and help their members make money.

The truth is, because many people do not understand the operation of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is easy to deceive people and call MLM schemes crypto.

Inksnation (Pinkoin) is just another MLM scheme that claims to be self-sustaining hiding under the word “blockchain”.

Is Inksnation (Pinkoin) Legit?

Well if you need us to spell this out, then NO!!! We do not recommend Inksnation or Pinkoin to our readers, you included.

Pinkoin is a fake scheme that is already on its way to ruin. These schemes don’t last long because they depend on new members joining.

The moment people stop joining the scheme, the more it keeps depreciating. Also, because there’s no higher authority guiding this, its value can be easily manipulated which leaves their members at loss.

One thing you need to remember is that, the members are always at loss in schemes like these.

The only ones that make profit before the scheme crash are the top referrals who have made enough from it and do not have to worry about the investment fee.

But a larger percentage of people will lose their money.

Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend Pinkoin (Inksnation)

I believe just telling you not to try Pinkoin might not be strong enough to convince you.

Well, it always pains me whenever I see people get robbed of their hard-earned money under the guise of an empowerment scheme.

In fact, the most misused word might just be “empowerment”. That word has led many to poverty than it has helped any.

On that note, take a look at some of the solid reasons to not join the program.

No Refund Policy

Any legit platform should have a refund policy for unhappy members and customers. Inksnation doesn’t have any.

I tried finding their refund policy page but it was to no avail. Oh sorry, yes I found their refund policy page. Below is a screenshot I took:

Their refund policy link at the bottom of their site leads to the above page you see in the screenshot. A 404 Error page.

Whether it was once active and deleted due to lots of refund requests or did that to protect themselves in future lawsuits, we never can tell.

But it is very logical to avoid investment schemes that doesn’t have a refund policy page or that has a beautiful one as Inksnation.

No About Us Page

There’s not a single page on Inksnation that covers their story. An “About US” page is considered one of the most important and basic page a credible website must have.

Even Google takes this into account when considering a site into its site program. And our international Inksnation doesn’t have one.

Not a Secured Website for a Crypto-based Project

A program that is backed by a blockchain which requires the highest-level of encryption to ensure tight web security doesn’t have a basic SSL certificate.

If you’ve ever visited a site which has a green padlock, that is an example of a site that is protected with SSL certificate.

It would have an https:// instead of http://. 

Here’s an example of a protected site:

Contentsdeal is a secure website unlike Inksnation.

At this point, I hope I have been able to bring up some important details you should know about Inksnation.

I’ll keep an eye on future developments happening at Inksnation and keep this review updated.

Final Verdict – Avoid Inksnation

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