Ultra Algo Review (2023) – is it reliable?

Welcome to a quick review of the Ultra Algo. In this review, I’ve compiled all my findings about the inner workings of the Ultraalgo product and presented them to you as simply as I can.

I’ve taken time to examine the performance of the product and I’ve performed extensive research into what other users have to say about Ultra Algo. The information presented to you here is a definitive review of the Ultra Algo platform.

What you’ll learn in this review should help you reach a definitive conclusion about the product. I’ve also included my opinion of the product and the pros and cons of Ultra

Alright, let’s jump right in.

Overview of Ultra Algo

Ultra Algo is a robust trading tool for Algo traders. It was launched in 2020 by a team of experienced traders based in the US. It was developed to be a trading solution for every category of trader, from day traders to institutional traders. 

The aim of the product is to help traders simplify trading across multiple platforms and work across major international exchanges.

Ultra Algo’s portfolio of platforms includes TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Alpaca, IG, and TradingView. Interestingly. Recently, Ultra Algo introduced its own platform, named Ultra Algo.

It uses a combination of up to 15 unique technical indicators to deliver trading strategies across all platforms and exchanges. And it supports various exchanges, commodities, and options.

About the founders

One of the prime red flags I look out for when reviewing trading algorithms is the identity of the founders. From my findings, Ultra Algo was founded by Alejandro Antonini.

He has been a professional algorithmic trader for over 15 years. The bulk of his trading career was spent at established financial institutions. In those years, he’s developed his trading skills and has also trained over 2500 students on various course hosting platforms.

His passion to help traders maximize their strategies and earn profit made him create the Ultra Algo product as a trading solution for his students and other traders.

Can you trust Alejandro Antonini?

A quick look at the SERP of any search engine would tell you all there is to know about him. He’s a practicing trader who uses his own tool as well. Perhaps it can be rightly said that he’s sharing the tools he uses with everyone.

I didn’t find any shady tint about him that creates doubts regarding his integrity. He’s made a lot of progress as a trader and course instructor. I don’t think he has any reason to become dubious. If you’re wondering if you can trust him, my answer is yes.

Features of Ultra Algo

I’ll rather describe Ultra Algo as a multi-phased algo trading tool that comprises several indicators. You’ll find up to 15 analytical tools, all tailored toward analysis and strategies. What the Ultraalgo team has done is build an all-in-one tool that works across multiple platforms and supports all exchanges.

Below is a quick run-through of everything you’ll find in the Ultra Alpha product.

Trading Tutorials

UltraAlgo has a background in teaching and course creation niches. It also reflects on the design and execution of the ultra-algorithm project. The platform offers free trading tutorials through its YouTube channel and the documentation available on its website. Besides the free tutorials, the premium trading plan also helps students assess exclusive product-specific trading tutorials.

Here is what one of the users has to say:

Open to International Traders

Ultra Algo is not limited to a particular exchange or platform. It works across all exchanges and platforms worldwide. The tools are designed to integrate with over five trading platforms.

Live Backtesting

Back-testing is a core operation that’s built into the functions of the Ultra Algo tool. It runs an algorithmic test over historical data to identify signals and patterns. Also, it automatically includes trading alerts in its backtesting function.

Trading alerts

Users can set up alerts to be triggered when certain signals are recorded. The alert works across all strategies on any trading platform. It works perfectly with users’ strategies and strategies generated with the help of Ultra Algo.

Live Human Support

UltraAlgo’s support and customer service are some of the best. A report from the customer has this to say:

Gasper Rolon had a personal instructor assigned to him.

You get as much support as you need and can also get a live instructor assigned to you to help you through a speed bump or instruct you about an aspect of trading or the product.

Ultra algo community

Ultra Algo boasts a community of 17k members. However, the number is about 18.2k as of the time of this writing. The Ultra Algo community is hosted on a Facebook group that’s open to anyone. Members on Facebook share novel trading ideas and strategies. It’s one of UltraAlgo’s selling points. However, the group is less active than it used to be.

I found a comment by Ivan Dominguez, a user from the Ultra Algo community, that testifies to this. The community has helped him grow from a newbie to a more confident trader. 

Other features of the product include

  • Access Trading Platform/AAlgorithm
  • Real-Time Data (Stocks, Options, and Forex)
  • Market Depth and Level II
  • Broker Integration Included
  • One-click profit optimizer
  • Fortune 1000 Optimized Alerts
  • Paper Trading
  • Stock Scanner
  • Portfolio/Risk Allocation Tool
  • Multiple Trading Strategies
  • Machine Learning Price Forecast

How does it work?

Ultra Algo is quite robust and works differently for most platforms. The integration process for most platforms is quite easy and straightforward. The job is done remotely. Let’s quickly run through how it works from sign-up to platform integration for UltraAlgo and Tradeview.

Ultra Algo Platform

The ultra-algorithmic platform functions in a very straightforward way. You sign up from the Ultra Algo homepage. When you complete the registration, you will receive an email containing the link to the Ultra Algo platform. The link also contains tutorials and documentation showing you how to set things up and use the platform.

TradeView platform

The Tradeview platform works slightly differently from the Ultra algo trading platform. Here, you’ll be required to provide your Tradeview username after signing up. The integration is done remotely. You can access the scripts from the invite-only menu on the Tradeview platform.

Integrating UltraAlgo onto other platforms also follows a similar process. The most important part is setting up your account.

How much does it cost?

Altra Algo has a single pricing model, which I think could be a real downside.

Users have to subscribe to a monthly plan that costs $67 per month. Payment continues as long as users want the product to remain active.

Ultraalgo charges an additional fee for real-time trading data across certain exchanges. You may have to pay the regular licensing fees attached to those platforms. For example, the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC may require you to pay $2/month.

Available discount

Ultra Algo does not provide users with any form of discount. However, there’s a 7-day free trial period, which applies to the first month only. Users are granted access to most of the features of the tools during this period.

Refund Policy

The UltraAlgo refund policy is a big downside to the product. Perhaps this policy is due to the proprietary tools provided by Ultra Alpha. You only get a refund if you cancel your subscription during the 7-day trial period. 

All subscriptions did after the trial period are not eligible for a refund. Another point to note is that the 7-day trial only applies to the first month. Every other month is billed from the first day onwards. 

Cancellation will only take effect in the subsequent month and not on the current subscription.

Student Results

Ultra Algo has thousands of users from around the world. The question is whether users are getting the results promised by the tools. I took time to look into what users are saying across review sites, Reddit, and Facebook. Below is a snapshot of what users have to say.

Fedrico Aita believes that the tool helps with signals and is very reliable. He also attested to the effectiveness of the optimizer.

A user nicknamed Firefighter from Reddit thinks the tool is more ideal for alerts than signals, and he prefers an alternative algo

Luka Perelli also does Ultra Algo is a great tool. He’s been a four-month-long subscriber as of the time of his writing.

Matias Javier thinks the tool paid for itself. However, he would have preferred a yearly package.

Shane Smith thinks the free version is not worth it because it didn’t provide the signal he expected at the time he thought he was going to receive it. The prompt response from the support team validates the fast response from the support team.

Pros of Ultra Algo

  • supports multiple platforms
  • Multiple indicators 
  • Live backtesting
  • Works well with mobile
  • 1-to-1 support
  • Effective for all categories of traders
  • Provides trading tutorials
  • works on mobile
  • Provides AI integration.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Ultra Algo

  • steep learning curve
  • Complex signaling process
  • Only the monthly plan is available.
  • No refund

Are the signals from Ultra Algo reliable?

Yes. Ultra Algo leverages thousands of trading settings generated by users to create accurate trading signals. It also uses a proprietary backtesting method to gather and analyze data across multiple platforms. 

Traders can depend on this robust data set to create entry and exit alerts that work best for their strategies.

However, it’s best to inform you that Ulta Algo is not directly built for signals. Its core functions are to optimize strategies and traders’ decision-making processes. 

But still, you’ll get relevant signals from the tool if you are able to establish accurate alerts and analysis.

Who can use Ultraalgo?

Ultra-Algo is very versatile. I’ll consider that a major upside. It performs extensively well with analysis, which makes it ideal for almost all categories of users. About the ideal users, below are some categories of users who have left positive reviews about the tool.

Day trader

Ultra Algo has analytical capabilities that work well with everyday reading activities, mostly called intraday trading. 

Day traders can leverage the indicators to arrive at profitable buy and sell decisions. But it’s not a guaranteed money machine; you still have to make your own decisions.

Solo algo trader

As an individual trader, you will find it effective for backtesting and strategy optimization. It also enhances the understanding of your decision-making process.

The bulk of the reviews on the Ultra Algo page comes from solo traders who use the tool to optimize their decision-making process. 

Institutional traders

Ultra Algo trading functions include strategy optimization functions. The platform helps traders improve portfolio performance and speed. This function can help institution traders effectively improve their strategy and deliver predictable profit.

Trading Newbies

Newbies would find the tool quite useful in validating their trading decisions and also the tutorial could be a way to build a solid foundation for their trading expertise. 

Leandro Tortoza, who is an absolute beginner has this to say. She knew nothing about trading or algo trading when she started with the tool. 

Is it recommended?

Yes. I’ll recommend Ultra Algo.

UltraAlgo has excellent features that perform virtually all analytical functions, and it works well across multiple platforms.

The price notwithstanding, the tool pays for itself over time. Besides, the tools, the community, and the learning opportunities that come with the subscription create a good take-off ground for traders, especially newbies.

If you can afford the monthly subscription, Ultra Algo could be a good tool to try. Also, it integrates machine learning into its functions for price prediction, which is quite effective for institutional trading. 

In addition to that, it provides a portfolio of tools that make trading less hectic.

However, It’ll be better if there’s a rather long-term subscription that comes with a discount. Also, Ultraalgo could improve its signals and automation. Since it already has AI integration, it would be best if the tool can trade automatically. 


Ultra Algo is not just an algo tool that generates signals as many traders assume. It is more of a portfolio of tools and platforms that helps traders throughout the process from analysis to decision making.

The tool has grown beyond algo script development to create its own trading platform named Ultra Algo. I’ve shared several values and benefits of the tool in this review. 

However, Despite its many positive sides, I’ve also pointed out what I think is the major setback I encountered with the product: the monthly pricing model. 

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